May I use foreign WLAN unasked?

Sometimes the smartphone or the computer finds a Wi-Fi network that works without a password – and often it belongs to the neighbor next door. But is it actually punishable if I secretly use this connection? TECHBOOK explains the legal situation and how you temporarily share your WLAN without a password.


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Secretly surfing the WLAN of a neighbor – is that legal?

This was decided by the Wuppertal district court in 2010 (Ref .: 25 Qs 177/10). In this case, a man had connected his laptop with an open private Wi-Fi to get to the Internet for free.

How repeaters make your WLAN faster

No hacking, no cheating – just connect is legal!

The chamber could not detect anything punishable by this behavior: the man did not spy out data, intercept data, commit computer fraud, or gain access to services because it was connected to the internet flatrate. Those who simply connect to a Wi-Fi network can not listen to confidential messages or retrieve personal information.

Due to the configuration of his router and the lack of encryption, the operator of the open Wi-Fi had almost expressed the will that any device in range may connect to the router, the judges continue. It is easy to limit which computers are allowed to dial into a WLAN – for example by encryption.

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Share Wi-Fi without a password – via guest access

If you want to offer Wi-Fi to your visit, you do not need to reveal passwords. Instead, you activate the guest access on modern routers like the Fritzbox. This even works without a password and is then particularly uncomplicated. TECHBOOK recommends: Still set a password and enable guest access only when needed.