That’s how much data WhatsApp consumes

WhatsApp can be used not only for text messaging, but also for sending pictures and videos as well as for making phone calls. But all this has its price, because the messenger taps with these functions the data volume. We tested for you what WhatsApp consumes the most data and which features are harmless.

Calls with WhatsApp load the data volume

Unlike calls made over the mobile network, WhatsApp calls do not charge the free-minute account. WhatsApp uses instead the IP telephony (also Voice over IP, brieflyVoIP) that make phone calls over the Internet. Calls can therefore be made either via WLAN or the mobile Internet, in which case they consume part of the data volume. However, those who have little data volume can stay calm: the amount of data that WhatsApp calls consume is relatively small at around 0.3 megabytes (MB) per minute.

How you do not consume more data in the WLAN

To save the data volume, do not record videos with WhatsApp

As many already know, pictures and videos sent via WhatsApp are compressed before being sent out to consume less data. For the pictures that are to be sent, it does not matter whether they were taken directly with the WhatsApp camera or with the camera app of the phone. Although the pictures shot previously with the camera app have a slightly higher resolution than the pictures of the WhatsApp camera, the size difference amounts to only a few kilobytes and is therefore irrelevant for the data volume.


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Things are different for videos that are sent via the messenger. We recorded a one-minute video once with the camera app on the smartphone and once with WhatsApp and then sent it. The amazing result: The WhatsApp video has arrived at the receiver almost twice as large as the video we have previously done with the camera app. Although the pre-recorded video was filmed in Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), the receiver had a resolution of just 640 x 352 pixels and was 14.5 MB in size. The WhatsApp video, however, was sent in HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels) and was thus on the receiver device with 27.5 MB almost twice as large as the original in Full HD filmed video.

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WhatsApp data usage at a glance

  • A 10-minute voice call consumes about 3 MB of data. If the saving function of the messenger is activated, the consumption falls to approximately 1.7 MB for the same number of minutes
  • A 10-minute video call with about 47 MB to book. Here, too, consumption can be reduced by 10 MB with the saving function
  • A 1-minute video is about 15 MB in size, if it is recorded before and then sent, and just under 28 MB, if it is made directly with WhatsApp
  • Voice messages consume just under 0.2 MB per minute
  • Text messages are very economical with about 1 KB and do not get bigger even if emojis are included
  • WhatsApp also supports the sending of documents. Consumption depends on the size of the file, which is limited to 128 MB for iOS, 100 MB for Android and 64 MB for WhatsApp Web