Sonos supports the Google Assistant in Germany

The US provider of networked loudspeakers Sonos will also introduce support for the voice software Google Assistant in Germany in July. With this the manufacturer meets one of the biggest wishes of Sonos customers. For while Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa already works on some of the wireless speakers, Google fans had to give up the rival software.

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Now, the smart Sonos One and Sonos Beam loudspeakers will be the first devices of its kind that users can choose between Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. In the case of smart speakers from other providers, however, it is firmly predefined which wizards users can access.

However, Sonos users must opt for one of the two assistants. Sonos states that technically it should be possible to support two assistants at the same time, but this requires additional development work.

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In the US, the Google Assistant is already available, Germany is next to the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands and France in the second momentum. Other countries will follow later. Sonos had originally announced the integration of Assistant 2017 for last year, but the work took longer than planned.

If Sonos actually succeeds in running both Alexa and the Google Assistant at the same time in the near future, that would be a big step forward.