Louis Vuitton bags come with AMOLED displays

The collection is called “Cruise 2020” and shows in a short video, among other things, pocket models with built-in displays. Depending on the model (two prototypes), there are either one or two screens on the outside.

How wearables change our lives

What can the displays do?

One thing stands out immediately – the displays on the bags are rounded and are also flexible. The so-called AMOLED displays have an HD resolution of 1920 x 1440 pixels. In the presentation video run advertising clips on it, on the other hand, but also a demo video of a scrolling homepage. The latter suggests a possible touch screen. That would bring a variety of uses, such as the use as a tablet or smartphone replacement. The designers themselves confirmed this and see the accessories as an “extension of the smartphone”.


Handy mobile phone chain

✔Very resistant
✔Mobile phone strap length is individually adjustable
✔Elegant cord closures made of brass material

A new understanding of wearables

Thus, the bags would be an exception in the field of wearables, because although set on strong technology, but always the fashion aspect is in the foreground. In contrast, smart clothing is often designed for functionality and the design is behind.