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For example, if you are on holiday in Indonesia, depending on the provider and the tariff you pay up to 6.70 Euro (Vodafone) per minute of conversation. And sending a one-megabyte photo in the US can cost more than 26 euros, as the Stiftung Warentest has collected in a comparison (“Finanztest” 6/19). A total of 22 providers were compared.

The cheapest providers such as Aldi Talk, Blue, Nettokom and 1 & 1 demand for this conversation and this data use in the same countries only each less than 1 €. Customers of Lidl Connect (Vodafone) pay for an outgoing call from the US per minute 2.29 euros and thus the most money.

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Above all, the mobile data usage called the Stiftung Warentest as partially hair-raising. For some providers in countries such as Egypt or Australia quickly over 30 euros per megabyte of data due – for comparison: who sends a photo requires up to three megabytes of data.

Telephoning and data usage in other EU countries only in WLAN

Even though incoming call rates are lower than those for outbound calls internationally, experts advise against calling frequently when traveling outside the EU. Better to look for a Wi-Fi and calls via a messenger app. This is also a good solution for prepaid customers, for whom roaming is restricted or even impossible in certain countries.


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It is also important, according to the information, to switch off the mailbox immediately before traveling to countries outside the EU, because there incur costs in incoming calls. At the same time, it is important to find out about the conditions in the destination country before traveling – especially if you want to use your smartphone heavily. The tariff information SMS, which one receives after the landing or when crossing the border, is not enough.

Use the smartphone as an offline navigation system

When it comes to mobile data usage, the experts at home already recommend WLAN in their WLAN to fill the smartphone memory with everything you need on the go – such as offline maps, music, videos, series or films. If you are traveling for a longer period and do not want to do without data, telephony and SMS, you should think about an extra card for foreign countries. These can be purchased in advance from providers such as Travelsim or Holidayphone.