Spotify tests story feature like Instagram

As the US portal Techcrunch reports, artists should use the feature to tell the story behind their songs. The video shown here consists of several stories, just like Instagram or Snapchat. The look of Storyline is reminiscent of the social network. So there are lines at the top that show how long a story is in total. To get ahead in the story and skip parts, the user simply types on the screen.

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The new feature also builds on Spotify’s “behind the lyrics” feature, which was added to the app in 2016. This includes background information on the music being played. the data will be supplied by Genius. At Storyline, the artists themselves are responsible for the content.

Spotify could evolve into a new social network

For some Spotify users, the new feature is already available. You can see stories from the Jonas Brothers or the singer-songwriter Billie Eilish. If the test phase proves successful, Spotify will probably continue to roll out the feature. It would also be conceivable that not only artists, but also users of the app Storyline could use. This would make the streaming provider a social network with almost 200 million users. The aim of Spotify is that users no longer passively consume the app – turn it on, listen to music – but spend more time actively in the app. This would also fit that Spotify apparently wants to put more on own productions. Just a few months ago, the Swedes bought two podcast producers.