Update to iOS 12.3 brings new TV app to the iPhone


By Martin Lewicki | May 14, 2019, 3:57 pm

Apple has released new software updates for its major devices. In addition to invisible improvements in the background is especially a new TV app on the iOS devices. This is already preparing for Apple’s upcoming streaming offer – but it already has a big advantage.

Apple has released its latest software updates. The current versions are iOS 12.3 (iPhone, iPad), macOS 10.14.5 (MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini), watchOS 5.2.1 (Apple Watch) and tvOS 12.3 (Apple TV).

The old Apple TV App logo

That’s what the old Apple TV app logo looked like

Most optimizations run in the background, as is often the case. But there are two important innovations in the iPhone and iPad operating system iOS 12.3. So it is now possible via AirPlay 2 to share its content such as videos, photos and music on compatible TVs. For this one needed so far an additional box, the Apple TV, which was connected to the television. Only then could iPhone, iPad and MacBook owners display their content easily and wirelessly on the TV.

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Now, some TV manufacturers such as Samsung, LG and Sony from 2019 build in their latest models AirPlay 2 support. If you buy a device that can save the external Apple TV box quasi.

New TV app – Apple’s streaming future

Especially interesting is the update of the Apple TV app on iPhones and iPads. Not only does it look better and more concise than before, it also has one big advantage: it now bundles many important streaming services in one app. So you can enter in the search form a movie, a series or other program and if they are in the portfolio of supported apps, they are displayed.

New Apple TV App Logo

This is what the new Apple TV App logo looks like. Behind it hide many improvements in the streaming functions

For example, if you enter the series Modern Family, you can either watch it on Netflix (seasons 1-7) on TVNOW Premium (seasons 5-6) or buy individual seasons (1-10) directly from Apple.

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This is convenient for users who have multiple subscriptions such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Sky Ticket. tiresome

Searching the individual providers is thus pass. Although Netflix unlike Amazon Prime is not integrated into the Apple TV app, you will still be redirected to Netflix by the search result.

The integration of ZDF content is also practical. This gives access to the media library with the latest news, series, films and documentaries.

Apple TV app on the iPhone

Apple has big plans for the new TV app: It should access all streaming services and play them on different screens

Smart move from Apple

The new app is in preparation for Apple’s own streaming service called Apple TV +, will be available on the fall of 2019 exclusively produced by Apple content.

It’s a clever move by Apple to establish the TV app as a one-stop-shop for all streaming services. Later, Apple can prominently place its own content there. This is much more user-friendly than running your own streaming app and thus forcing the user to another app.

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At the same time Apple has in Germany a first TV channel to subscribe to the offer. This is called “Starzplay”, offers selected series and films and costs 4.99 euros per month. Incidentally, it is also available at Amazon Prime for the same price. More interesting, however, is the section “Children”, which is displayed in the upper bar next to movies and TV shows. Here are curated content specifically for children – what many parents should be happy.

The Apple TV app has a bright future ahead.While currently running on the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD, she also comes on the Mac in the fall. Selected TVs, streaming boxes and streaming sticks should get the app also this year. As the first TV manufacturer Apple calls Samsung here.