WhatsApp and Threema say goodbye to Windows Mobile

Microsoft has already discontinued the development of the operating systems Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile, as of December 10, 2019 there will be no support for the software. While there are programs that can be used for even longer, such as automatic device backup, photo uploads, and restoring a device from an existing device backup, messenger apps like Threema and WhatsApp will no longer work.

Also interesting: WhatsApp is also set on these devices

End of WhatsApp on mobile Windows already announced

WhatsApp has announced that the Messenger should only work safely on Windows smartphones until the end of 2019. Also on demand of the page Engadzete a Microsoft spokesman said that WhatsApp disappears from the Microsoft Store. And also the alternative Threema has released the last update for mobile Windows with version 3.0.

How to securely transfer your data to the new iPhone

New in this is the so-called safe function, which should make it easier for users to move their Threema ID, contacts and groups to another system such as Android or iOS. But even WhatsApp users can switch to their operating system with their account, including contacts and groups. The chat histories, ie the contents of the chats, can not be transferred to other types of phones.

Introduced in 2015, Windows 19 Mobile was Microsoft’s alternative to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. The system should be more closely linked to the desktop operating systems of Windows. However, the product was not a success. In 2017, Windows 10 Mobile had a market share of just under 3 percent in Germany, and today its market share has dropped below 0.5 percent.