How to find your silent smartphone easily again

Although we rarely have our mobile phone in view, we routinely move it. In such cases, many people simply call themselves to find their phone by ringing. Frequently, the smartphone is set to silent or to the vibration alarm, so the phone does not ring when a call. TECHBOOK reveals how you can still find your Android smartphone or iPhone.

How to find your iPhone again

Go to on your PC or Mac and log in with your Apple ID data. Alternatively, you can find the Find My iPhone app on a different iPhone, iPad or Mac. To find out where your phone is, selectiPhone Searchout. Your smartphone will then be located and you can see on a map where your mobile phone is. To ring a siled or vibrated iPhone, use the optionPlay sound, If the iPhone has battery power and is connected to the internet, you can now listen to it.


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If the iPhone is no longer connected to the Internet, you can at least activate the “lost” mode. This allows you to lock the device with a passcode and write a loss message with your phone number and contact information. Also, the payment data for Apple Pay can be removed. If the iPhone is turned on again by a Finder, it is therefore not usable without your code. In addition, the location is automatically activated in the “lost” mode. In the worst case you can overdelete iPhonealso remove all personal information on the device.

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With the Apple Watch or Siri

If you have an Apple Watch, this can also help you to find your iPhone. Go to Control Center and select the blue icon to start ringing. In addition, you can use the Apple Watch also light up your cell phone – of course, this only works if your iPhone is nearby. If you have activated the voice assistant Siri on the iPhone, you can start it with the words “Hey Siri”. Then use the timer function. If your phone is nearby, you can hear it now.

How to find your Android smartphone again

For Android devices, the location works similar to the iPhone. Simply go to the page and sign in with your Google Account, which you also use for your smartphone. On the website, you can now select the device you are looking for, whether smartphone, tablet or smartwatch, from the gallery. Then the device is located and the last location is displayed on a map. The website now offers three options: SubLet it ringYou can make your phone sound for five minutes – even if it is silent. This works but only under one condition: The phone must be turned on and connected to the Internet.


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The website has two more advantages. If you still can not find your smartphone and are worried that you may have lost it, you can do it overLocklock with your password or PIN and display a loss message or phone number as with the iPhone. If necessary, you can overClearalso remove content from the device. But beware: If you choose this step, you will not be able to locate it with the mentioned services.

On the website Android / find the location of the smartphone is determined. Then users can choose what action they want to take.

On the website Android / find the location of the smartphone is determined. Then users can choose what action they want to take.
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About an Android smartwatch

If the phone is connected to an Android smartwatch via Bluetooth, it can help you find your device again: Give Google’s Language Assistant the “Find Phone” command.