This secret iPhone card shows where you’ve been everywhere

Thanks to GPS, the smartphone always knows where the user is at the moment. The iPhone even remembers when you visited and left a place.

Our test showed: The iPhone has noticed more than 69 visited places in the past four months. What data has the smartphone collected about you? Find out with this guide.

Step 1: Open setting

Open the on your iPhonesettings, Scroll down and tap the pointdata protection.



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Step 2: Open location services

In the Privacy menu tap on the dotLocation services.


Step 3: System Services

Scroll down to the bottom (can take a while) and tap there on the pointsystem services.


Step 4: Important places

In this menu you will find again the subitemImportant places, Select this.


Step 4: All visited cities

Done! Here you will find all the places you have visited in the past and recorded by phone.


Step 5: Show map

When you tap on a city or town, you end up in a map view. Here, the iPhone shows exactly when you were traveling where within the place – including your favorite stores.



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Hidden location services on the iPhone: Conclusion

Quite creepy, which data even an iPhone collects about its owners! Even lay people could easily build a pattern of movement from their data and immediately know where they live or work. One can only hope that these data never fall into the wrong hands. After all, the location memory is protected by your security lock, such as FaceID, TouchID or a password, and is not easily accessible to everyone. Tip: Simply turn off the “Important Places” item in the settings – there are no more hidden locations anymore.