is the best site for Amazon shoppers

The site is a handy price tracker for the online shopping market leader Amazon, which makes it easy to find out if a product you’ve been looking for has been offered cheaper on the Amazon side. The tool was developed in 2008 as a code experiment and was not planned as a long-term project. Now, over ten years later, it is one of the best price trackers for Amazon in the market.

Keep track of how the price has developed not only tracks the price history of Amazon products but also considers third-party and used goods. To view the history, all you need to do is copy the URL of the product on the Amazon page and paste it into the search bar on the page. Alternatively, the articles can also be found directly through the keyword search on the page. Before doing so, make sure that the German Amazon shop is selected, as otherwise items from the US shop are displayed by default.

This is how a price history curve looks on the page | Photo: Camel camels camel

With the price tracker, you can immediately find out if an offer is really a bargain. From the price curve, it is easy to see whether the item was not already much cheaper. The horizontal axis of the graph shows the amount of time the article was available on the Amazon page. The price range can be seen on the vertical axis. For a better overview, you can look up to the right of the diagramClose-up viewclick to visually enlarge the price curve. With the optionRemove Extreme ValuesIn addition, extreme price changes are removed from the curve. You can also set whether you want to see only the price of Amazon, or the price of third-party and how much the article costs needed. In addition, the period of the price trend can be limited, for example, to take into account only the changes within the last three months.


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Below, the current, lowest, highest and average prices are clearly listed. Again, you can select from which provider (Amazon, third-party or used goods) the prices should be displayed. There is a list that shows when the last five price changes took place.

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Notification of price reductions

Tracker can be set on the page to receive price changes via e-mail, Twitter or RSS feed. This is especially useful if you do not need a product right away but can wait for it to return to the lowest price level. It only needs to enter a target amount and the page will send a notification if the item price drops below this amount.

The site offers suggestions for price tracking | Photo: Camel camels camel

If you have a wish list on Amazon, you can transfer it to so that the page can track the price history of items in the list that have not yet been purchased. However, this requires a registration.


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What else can the site do?

For hardcore bargain hunters, the “Camelizer” extension for Firefox and Chrome, with the price development can be viewed directly on the Amazon product page. The Camelizer can be easily accessed via the page under the tabToolsbeing found.

The site also has RSS feeds for the biggest price reductions (Top Amazon Price Drops) and the most popular products (Popular Products). The latter, however, is not yet available for

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Keepa as an excellent alternative

Camelcamelcamel offers a lot of practical features, but competitor Keepa is also impressive. The page shows even clearer, when a product at which seller has cost how much. Simply move the mouse over the price curve and the prices for Amazon, Amazon Warehouse Deals and used as well as new third-party merchandise will be displayed. Thus, the search for a specific price is much more interactive than the page with the humps. A price tracker is also integrated in Keepa, but you have to register for it.

Keepa screenshot

This is how the price trend at Keepa looks | Photo: Keepa