These new features should get iPhone users soon

Although the new iPhones come only in the fall, but the new operating system iOS 13 is already in the starting blocks. The beta version will be launched first for developers in June and will be available a little later for all beta testers. The stable version will be released in autumn with the new iPhones. Learn how to become a beta tester here: This is how you can test new iOS versions first.

Apple will introduce iOS 13 at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 3rd. Already, there is information about many new features that have been confirmed by people familiar with iOS development, according to 9to5Mac. Please note that these are just rumors, Apple confirmed information does not exist so far.

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Undo and more gestures

For a long time, written text has been erased either letter by letter or word by word using the Delete key or shake gesture. With a new three-finger gesture, input can now be undone or redone by swiping left or right. Sounds complicated? No problem, the function is explained in a small manual when first opening the keyboard after the update.

Apple apparently also works on new gestures for the selection of several items on the screen, such as in tables or lists. The gesture could be similar to clicking and dragging on Windows and macOS, creating a rectangular window that selects the boxed items.

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Smart Mail app

iOS users can look forward to an improved mail app, especially after setting the smart email inboxInboxGoogle is urgently needed. In the future, the app will organize mails into categories such as “advertising”, “shopping”, “travel trips” and “not important”. Of course, mails that are in the categories will still be found using the search function. Less important messages can also be summarized into a “read later list”.

Cross-platform apps

Already with macOS Mojave Apple has created the framework for cross-system apps. Under iOS 13 and macOS 10.15 “Marzipan” developers will be able to port iPhone apps to Mac with little effort. The fact that the framework already works, Apple has proven by the iPhone apps “stocks”, “Home” and “voice memos” built into macOS Mojave.

New emojis

During the year, Apple will also integrate the new emojis, recently approved by the Unicode consortium, into iOS 13. These include prostheses, wheelchair users, a skunk, falafel and a yawning smiley.

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New volume indicator

In iOS 13, the annoying volume indicator, which in many apps lays over the content as a huge box, is finally being replaced by a slimmer, less invasive solution. Example of this could be the volume in Android, which is displayed on the screen border parallel to the volume keys.

iOS 13 features that only come to the iPad

Improved multitasking

So far, this feature is only available on the iPad and that will probably remain so with iOS 13. For iPads, however, multitasking is significantly expanded. Apps can have multiple windows that are stacked in tabs. In order to enlarge the app clips, they simply have to be dragged onto an open area and are then free to move.

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Safari adjusts pages

Despite the large screen, the iPad often opens web pages automatically in the mobile version, which is actually optimized for smartphones. Users have to cumbersome in the menu request the desktop page and thus reload the page. Safari on iOS 13 will now automatically ask for the desktop version of a page if needed.