Facebook should get chat again

Many Facebook users will surely be remembered when they were virtually forced to install the Messenger app in 2014 to continue chatting with their Facebook contacts. After around five years, most people have come to terms with it and become accustomed to it. All the more surprising now the rumor that Messenger should be part of the Facebook app again.

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What’s behind the rumor?

Software developer Jane Manchun Wong has made the new chat feature public. This should just be in the test phase. It quickly became a rumor that Facebook is working to bury the messenger again. Since a forced change would probably mean millions of angry users, Facebook has now taken its own position.

This new WhatsApp feature gives you more peace of mind

In a statement, which is the US technology portal “The Verge”, Facebook is quoted as follows:“We are working to improve the communication experience in the Facebook app. But the messenger remains a feature-rich news app that’s used by over a billion people every month. “


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In other words, Facebook should get a simple chat feature, but the messenger users can continue to use the diverse capabilities of Messengers.

Messenger App night mode

Pleasant for the eyes: In the messenger app can now activate the night mode, making the background is no longer glaring white, but black

New night mode in the messenger app

The fact that the messenger is not about to be out soon proves a new function of the app. So now the “night mode” can be activated. To do this, the user must tap on their profile picture in the messenger app, and then find the function “night mode” right at the top. If this is switched on, the background appears black and the writing is white. Especially in dark surroundings, this is much more pleasant for the eyes.

Facebook probably plans a gigantic communication platform

A chat feature in the Facebook app is probably part of a much larger plan for the social media network. As the New York Times reported, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger should be more closely interlinked. All these communication apps belong to Facebook and should now be placed on a common platform. This allows users to send and share content between apps.

Facebook friends will soon be able to read your WhatsApp status

The Facebook app could possibly be integrated into this new network thanks to the planned chat function.This would create a gigantic communication platform for billions of users. In addition, it could breathe new life especially Facebook, as more and more users turn away from the social network – not least because of the data scandals.