PlayStation 5: Sony reveals official information about performance and release

In an exclusive interview with the American magazine Wiredsprach the lead system architect, Mark Cerny, about the planned next-gen console. And also confirmed some circulating rumors.

PlayStation 5 will not be released until 2020 at the earliest

So the release of the new console will not take place until next year, probably fall 2020, to take along the traditionally strong Christmas business accordingly. According to Cerny, numerous studios are already working on new games, the corresponding developer kits are placed with all relevant developers. In addition, the system architect made clear that it is not simply an upgrade of the existing PlayStation 4, but a new console, but based on the architecture of the PS4.

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PlayStation 5: 8K, Ray tracing, 3D sound and SSD storage

This is also evident in the equipment. So Sony uses the processor on a specially made variant of the upcoming third generation of the AMD Ryzen series with 8 cores. The processor will be based on AMD’s new 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture. Also, the graphics chip is supplied by AMD and comes from the pending Radeon Navi series, which should not only offer 8K resolution, but also for the first time in a console and real-time ray tracing. In addition, the Sony employee speaks of a special AMD audio chip, which is to create a completely new 3D sound experience – something that was neglected when jumping from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4.

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One of the most important innovations, however, is the installation of a redesigned SSD hard drive. This should drastically reduce loading times while playing. As an example, Cerny calls the game Spider-Man, which would reduce load times from 15 seconds to 0.8 seconds. Thus, the built-SSD is faster than any model previously available for PCs.


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Backward compatibility and drive

The Spider-Man example also suggests another innovation, which should be especially happy PS4 owners and would confirm another rumor. The upcoming console could be backward compatible and support old games. The PlayStation 5 will also continue to play physical media. The VR topic is also of great relevance to Sony. Thus, a new VR platform and support of the current PSVR model is announced.

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Price, software, service

How expensive the new console will be, which services Sony also offers and what special features are still to come, is still unclear. But it could well be that the new PlayStation is at a higher starting price in stores than at that time the PlayStation 4. This cost at launch in 2013 almost 400 euros.


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A higher price can be explained by the built-in components. For example, a cheap AMD eight-core processor currently costs around 200 euros, while the graphics chip costs around 250 euros again. A fast SSD from Samsung, for example, with 512 GB currently costs 160 euros. Sony will certainly not completely switch these prices to the selling price, but will not want to give away the components as well.