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Apple recently added an interesting paragraph to the Apple Pencil support page for owners of keyless access cars. In conjunction with the iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil can prevent the car is unlocked. Under a keyless entry system are understood small transmitter, which are inserted as a key fob in the pocket and automatically unlock the car when you are close enough. In Germany, the technology is mainly known as “Keyless Go” – the name chosen by Daimler AG for this system.

Attachment for Pencil

Powered by strong magnets and at the same time inductively charged, the Apple Pencil on the top of the iPad Pro | Photo: Franziska Gabbert


Avolare mobile phone holder

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Apple has no “right” solution

According to the support page, the Apple may cause due to signal interference that the car does not open remotely. The problem can occur, for example, if you bring the iPad Pro with the second-generation pencil in your backpack or bag and approach the car to unlock it. However, this only happens when the pencil is loading, the magnetic holder alone, which holds the pencil, has no effect on the car key.


Apple iPad

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Apple advises affected users only to separate the Apple Pencil from the iPad Pro or to increase the distance between the iPad and the car key:

If you charge your ApplePencil (2nd generation) with your iPadPro and your car’s keyless entry system (key fob) is nearby, signal interference can prevent you from unlocking your car with your key fob. If so, you can Simply move the iPadPro away from the key fob or remove the ApplePencil from the iPadPro and store it separately. After loading the ApplePencil, any resulting signal interference will cease.

That’s why you should wrap your car key in aluminum foil

How can such a disruption occur?

Apple did not make the change to the support page until after a user wrote in the Apple Support Forum in early February that Apple’s car was no longer opening its car. Apple did not specify which keyless access systems were affected by the malfunction , The problem, however, is how to load the Apple Pencil over the iPad Pro.

Signal interference occurs when a device, such as the Apple Pencil, transmits with the same frequency and modulation as the transmitter – in this case, the key fob. The key fob emits low power signals to reduce power consumption. The Apple Pencil emits through the wireless charging a lot of frequency radiation, which is also sent in the low power range. As a result, the signal of the key fob can be so disturbed that the receiver – so the car – this no longer recognizes.