O2 launches its Internet TV service “O2 TV”

Based on Waipu’s Internet TV offer, O2 TV is received over the Wi-Fi or mobile network and comes via app on mobile devices and smart TVs as well as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast devices , A separate reception box is not necessary, as Telefnica tells.

O2 TV is offered in the packages S, M and L. Those who choose the L package as a mobile customer can continue to stream television as a special feature even if the high-speed data volume of their contract has already been used up. In addition, you can record up to 100 broadcast hours online and watch four programs at the same time.

Which streaming portal is ideal for me?

HD quality and video-on-demand included

Basically, the offer includes more than 100 channels, including more than 70 in HD quality, as well as various video-on-demand and special interest stations. The exact scope determines the respective package. The prices of the cancelable O2 TV start at five euros a month and are dependent on the existing O2 rate. Pay TV options cost extra.

If the S and M packets are used in the mobile network, according to the information, for licensing reasons, only a limited selection of stations is available.