9 Instagram tips that everyone should know

1. Adjust the title image of a video

The first impression has no second chance – an old truism that also applies to the digital world. So before a video is posted, you should first think about which frame can be used as the title image. To upload a new post, tap the “+” in the middle of the middle. Then select from the library the video to be uploaded. Alternatively, of course, you can record a video directly in the app. After a tap on the top right on “Next” the filters appear. At the top of the bar are more icons. Just give it a quick tap on the third icon. Below the video, a timeline with a white square appears. Simply drag the square to the desired location in the video to set the title image and tap Next.

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2. Turn on the turbo

Should photos and videos be loaded or displayed too slowly, it may be necessary to take a look at the settings. Under “Using the Mobile Data Network”, the option “Low data consumption” can be activated or deactivated as required.

3. Hide or sort filter

There are now more than 40 filters to choose from. So that you do not have to scroll endlessly through the entire palette every time to find your own favorite filter, they can be sorted or moved forward in the list. Filters that are not used can also be easily hidden. For this you have to swipe in the filter list to the far right, there you will find the option “Manage”.

4. Display photos that have been tagged yourself

Who wants to know, on which recordings one was marked, will find by tapping on the fourth icon above the picture gallery of their own profile.

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5. Share photos with friends

If you want to send photos to your friends, you have to tap on the box symbol right in the main window of Instagram to get to Instagram Direct, then on the top right and a message will be created including the photo / video to send.


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6. Correct perspective and orientation

Anyone tapping the wrench icon and then adjusting when posting a photo can use a slider below the photo to change the orientation (or tilt angle) as well as the vertical and horizontal perspective of the shot.


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7. Link to other social media accounts

Many Instagram users are also logged in to Facebook or Twitter. If you’d like to link these accounts together, tap the Settings icon right at the top of your profile (cogwheel) and then go to “Linked accounts” to link the account to external accounts. Of course, the whole works on other platforms such as Flickr or Tumblr. New content can be conveniently shared directly in all connected accounts.

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8. Display world map with locations of posts

The third icon above the picture gallery shows the user a world map with all the places where Instagram posts have already been placed. This makes it easy to keep track of where the photos of “friends” were created – to do this, the corresponding symbol must be tapped in the respective profile.

9. Swipe instead of tap

Some menus can be controlled intuitively by swiping inward from the edge of the screen. This works, for example, if the Instagram camera was started, then you can switch between library, photo and video.