How fast Russian hackers can infect computers

The IT security firm CrowdStrike recently published the Global Threat Report, which focuses on which hackers, on average, can spread the fastest in a foreign network, the so-called breakout time. The time is measured after the first infection of a computer.

Facebook users have to do this after the hacker attack

Russia before North Korea and China

With a time of 18 minutes, Russia’s hackers lead the ranking. According to Spiegel, CrowdStrike focused purely on the operative skills of the hackers. How good the Russians are in this dubious discipline, shows the distance to the second-placed North Koreans, which take an average of two hours and twenty minutes. In third and fourth place, China will finish in four hours and Iran five hours and fifteen minutes. In a country with a poorly developed digital infrastructure, such as North Korea, the placement is quite amazing.


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Investigation only makes up part of it

However, the data should be treated with caution, as they are based on an investigation of 30,000 security incidents and thus do not depict all global activities. Western countries such as the USA or Germany do not show up at all, since they did not have any activity in the investigated incidents. Of course that does not mean that hackers do not sit there and that they do not act swiftly and skillfully. Also it does not mean that they do not carry out illegal hacks.