The Android Q beta is here and that’s the news

In addition, the next version of the most-used smartphone operating system will get better privacy settings. Among other things, users will be able to determine more accurately when an app may know their whereabouts, as Google announced for the launch of the first beta version of Android Q.

Stop sharing GPS data

In the future, as with Apple’s iPhone, users will be able to specify that an app can only access their whereabouts when it’s being used. Previously, the granted approval on Android was without restrictions, so that apps could basically access the GPS data, if they were active in the background.

For the new device class of smartphones, whose displays can be folded up to the size of small tablets, Google gives the app developers Android Q additional software tools in their hands. The main thing is to keep an application running when changing the screen size or from display to display.

You should know these hidden Android features

Supports two unfolding systems

Android needs to support two fundamentally different concepts of Auffalt smartphones. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold has two screens: one can be folded up like a book to tablet size and is not visible in the folded state, while another small display on the outside takes over the smartphone functions. When Huawei’s competition model Mate X, the screen remains on the outside when folding and can be used alternately from both sides at half size.

Even sharing data is restricted with the new system. So users can now decide whether an app can access photos, videos or music. For the download folder Apps use a file selection in the future, so users can decide for themselves which file can be used by an app.

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Other new features of Android Q include direct access for apps to depth of field settings of the camera. More details on Android Q should be available at the Google I / O developer conference in May.

Android Q Beta for the time being only for Pixel Smartphones

However, not all Android users can test the beta. At first, only owners of a pixel device can enjoy it. Even those who own a Pixel or Pixel XL of the first generation, because Google has extended the support to the older models. A release of the operating system for all Android users is expected in the third quarter of 2019.