Hacked an Instagram account? You have to do that now

Has the account ever been hacked?

Hacks are not always as clear as at the end of 2018 with singer Sasha. With him the name and the profile picture were exchanged, so that could be closed fast on a foreign access. Further evidence of an attack may include images or comments that have been posted without your own knowledge.

If somebody logs in to your Instagram account via an unknown device, you will also receive an email about the registration.

Has anyone gained access illegally? An email from Instagram can give a hint.
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Anyone who suddenly follows people he does not know, who has messages from strangers in the mailbox, or other strange changes to the account should respond. First of all, you have to log in to your own account and change the password in the user administration. As always: do not use an easy-to-guess password.


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In the next step, all access from third party applications should be turned off. Hackers often use such programs to gain access to the account. If you also use the password for other programs or networks, you should also assign new passwords there.

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After Instagram Hack no access to the account

At the end of 2018, there were more and more hacker attacks on Instagram accounts. The problem at that time was that even the mail address was changed by the criminals and thus the access of the owner to his account was prevented. However, Instagram has built some kind of security level to bring the affected account back to safety. By mail, the company informs about changes to the account, the message also contains a link:“Undo this change”– That’s exactly what should be done immediately. Afterwards the password has to be changed. With a new, secure email address, the account can now be restored. Again, it is necessary to prohibit the access of third-party apps. In addition, Instagram recommends that you enable two-factor authentication on its Help page.

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Last chance: Instagram support

If you still have problems logging in, you can also get help from the support. For this there is an email address in the imprint of Instagram, which can be contacted. However, an answer can take several days, even if a company is required by law to respond to emails received through that inbox.

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In addition to the mail address but also the error message in the app itself is available. Simply switch to the settings via the burger menu. There is underHelpthe area“Report a problem”, Who now on “Something is not working “typing, can describe the error and send it to Instagram. There is also the possibility to get help through other social networks. For example, the support can be reached via Twitter with the tag @instagram.

Important:Who was hacked, should under no circumstances simply create a new account with his old data, because then the company refers only to this account and the old profile is lost forever.

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