Windows 10 will now automatically uninstall faulty updates

Recently, Microsoft has been struggling to find solutions to severe data-security issues that have caused data loss, performance issues, and crashes for some users. A new feature could help: Windows 10 can now automatically undo updates if it detects compatibility issues with the PC. This means that in the future Windows will automatically remove any malformed updates without the user having to take action.

New feature still in the test phase

Windows will now notice when it comes to startup complications after an update or several updates resulting from hardware issues, corrupted files, or incompatible third-party software. However, the uninstall of the updates only takes place if the errors can not be repaired by the system itself.


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This feature is available in Windows 10 version 1903, but so far only in the Insider Preview with the build number 18351 or higher available. This means that for now only members of the Windows Insider program will enjoy the new feature. All other users must be patient in an official update until delivery.

So you can now upgrade to Windows 10 for free

The Windows Support page describes how the new feature checks if a rollback is needed: “If Windows detects that your computer can not boot successfully, it will try to invalidate any corrupted files due to drive problems Registry Keys or other cases occur to diagnose and repair. “It also states,” If these steps fail and the computer still has startup problems, Windows will determine if the problem has occurred only after a new driver or quality update has been installed. If so, these updates are automatically uninstalled to make the device functional again. “

Windows update removed

This is the new message that informs you that incorrect updates have been removed Photo: Microsoft

If the computer restarts successfully after removing the updates, Windows will prevent these updates from being reinstalled for 30 days. This gives Microsoft and third parties time to identify and resolve the error. After the lock has been completed, a new installation will be made.

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How to remove incorrect updates manually

The new feature is currently only available for Windows testers. If you have problems with your PC after an update, you can easily remove it manually.


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  1. Open thesettingsvia the gear icon in the start menu.
  2. click onUpdate & Safety.
  3. In the tab “Windows Update” is theOption update historyShow. Open this.
  4. Go onUninstall updates.
  5. Look in the list for the recently installed update.
  6. Select the update and clickuninstall.