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Windows 7 users will not have long until Microsoft breaks into support for the now ten-year-old operating system. As of January 14, 2020, only corporate customers will receive advanced security updates for money, and normal users will be without protection. Reason enough to think again about whether it is not worthwhile to upgrade to the current Windows 10. At least that is what Microsoft sees and sends to all those who still have Windows 7 on their computers a notification with the recommendation to switch to a secure Windows version.

Matt Barlow,Corporate Vice PresidentMicrosoft wrote in the official Windows 10 blog: “This is a friendly reminder that you will see a few times in 2019. Now, as we start the reminder, we hope you have time to plan and prepare for the transition. “Although the notification can be turned off, you really should not. What you should do is switch to Windows 10.

Microsoft ends support for Windows 7

The free upgrade to Windows 10 will continue to work

Apparently, the Windows servers have not informed anyone that the free upgrade to Windows 10 is no longer possible. Download the Media Creation Tool from the Windows 10 download page and clickUpgrade now, the tool installs Windows 10 without disagreement. The upgrade can be performed directly on the PC or saved as ISO image of the Windows installation on a data carrier (USB stick or DVD) and then dubbed. If your previous Windows key is valid, it will be accepted as valid on Windows 10 after the upgrade. You can check the validity of the key in Windows 10 under Settings> Updates & Security> Activation.


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The Windows 10 Upgrade FAQ states that the initial installation of Windows 10 requires the Media Creation Tool to enter a valid key:

Extract from the Windows 10 Upgrade FAQs

But who actually performs the upgrade process, notes that at no point is asked for a key. Apparently, the previously valid key is converted with the upgrade into a digital license, with which Windows 10 is no longer bound to a key. The upgrade was last tested in March 2019 and is still possible at this time.

Note:Please note that there is no guarantee that this method works equally well on all PCs. In our test, the upgrade was performed without incident, but it can also give users who do not work.

To turn on Ultimate Performance mode in Windows 10


“No matter what you think about Microsoft’s corporate policy, you should look for an alternative to Windows 7. The loss of security updates is no joke, unless you enjoy reinventing the operating system when it’s infected. Although Windows 10 has its problems, but is safer, faster and fresher than Windows 7. And if the free update works, what speaks against it? Those who can not warm up with the Windows 10 idea might find an alternative in an easy-to-use Linux distribution like Linux Mint. “-Adrian Mhlroth, editor

Upgrade option extended several times

As early as July 29, 2016, Microsoft officially discontinued the free upgrade to Windows 10 for users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1. The “Get Windows 10” program (GWX) was terminated with it and the annoying installation file, which was previously pushed by Microsoft on all computers, disappeared at once – to the delight of those who did not want to upgrade.


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Since July 30, 2016, theoretically, anyone who wants Windows 10 must buy a valid key (just under 140 euros). However, Microsoft has left a backdoor open that allows users of earlier versions of Windows to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. On the Windows Upgrade page, in the Accessibility section:

“Customers using assistive technologies can install the upgrade to Windows 10 for free”

Microsoft has kept this option open so that assistive Windows users (such as those with disabilities who need a magnifier or voice output) can continue to benefit from the improvements. However, Microsoft does not clearly define what is rated as assistive technology. It is only required to use them to perform the upgrade.

However, on October 17, 2017, Microsoft Accessability announced the end of the free upgrade on Twitter:

If you’re using assistive technologies and want to upgrade to Windows 10, free upgrade available until Dec. 31, 2017.

– MSFT Accessibility (@MSFTEnable) October 17, 2017

But even this backdoor was extended again until January 16, 2018, but then at least officially finalized the free upgrade option. Downloading the Upgrader from the Windows accessibility page is no longer possible.

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