You should know these 3 virtual reality games

Virtual Reality is picking up pace, with a slew of new headsets coming up again this year. But as far as content is concerned, VR is becoming more and more interesting. Especially if they were developed specifically for the high-tech headsets.


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A Fisherman’s Tale

In the VR adventure “A Fisherman’s Tale” you play a fisherman in a lighthouse. In the lighthouse is a model of the lighthouse, with another model and so on. Puzzles have to be solved by exchanging objects between the different size dimensions. Everything that changes in the model changes in the big house and vice versa. Unfortunately the riddle fun is over pretty fast. There is a successful synchronization and funny conversations with animals.

Virtual reality glasses in a big comparison


Skyworld is a turn-based VR strategy game. On a kind of turntable you build up a kingdom and resources. Menus are displayed on free-floating maps. Workers must be skillfully distributed to maximize yield. To expand, the player must fight for new territories. For combat mode, the table turns to the other side. Now you use cards to send various units into battle to capture the enemy fortress.



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Rainbow Reactor

The VR puzzler “Rainbow Reactor” is set in a future in which robots take away all the work of the people. Unfortunately, you play one of these robots. Our job is to generate rainbow energy by throwing Chromium balls on a grid. Several balls of the same color create a reaction and score points. If you put two differently colored balls together, a new color is created. But be careful: do not drop.