Bluetooth headphones like AirPods are reported to cause cancer

In 2016, Apple’s AirPods came on the market and initially seemed strange. Meanwhile, most have become accustomed to seeing the headphones once worn out as “toothbrush heads”. In a few years, classic in-ear headphones with cables may be a thing of the past. 250 scientists want to prevent this and sent an appeal to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations (UN).


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Warning of electromagnetic fields

Specifically, the appeal is about the effects of non-ionized electromagnetic fields (EMF) caused, for example, by Bluetooth, WLAN and antenna radiation. The experts have “serious concerns” regarding the increasing number of technical devices in this field due to several studies. According to the studies, EMFs could already have a negative impact on living organisms far below the international benchmarks. Among other things, scientists cite an increased risk of cancer, cellular stress, an increase in harmful free radicals in the body, genetic damage and various neurological disorders. Especially children and pregnant women must be protected according to the appeal.

Is cell phone radiation really carcinogenic?

More protection desired for citizens

As a concrete demand, the appeal also calls for adjustment of the benchmarks and calls on the EU and WHO to encourage equipment manufacturers to develop safe technologies. In addition, the citizens should be better informed about possible risks. Doctors should also be better trained in this field and learn how to treat patients who are particularly sensitive to radiation. Finally, the appeal seeks so-called “white zones”. These are areas in which no electromagnetic radiation should be present.