These are the highlights of Amazon Prime Video in February

In order to use Prime Video, you need an Amazon Prime membership. This costs 69 euros a year (34 euros for students) or 7.99 a month (then cancellable monthly) and includes in addition to the video service also free premium shipping of Amazon products, a Twitch Prime membership and free music, audiobooks and e-mail Books. Under the name Amazon Originals, the company also produces its own series and films, trying to set itself apart from its competitors. TECHBOOK only considers series and films exclusive to Amazon.

Series starting in February on Amazon Prime Video

Homecoming Season 1

From February 22nd you will see“Homecoming” – Season 1on Amazon Prime Video.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 2

From February 15th you will see “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” – Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video.

Lorena season 1

As of February 15th you will see “Lorena” – Season 1 on Amazon Prime Video


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Also new this month on Amazon Prime Video


  • This Giant Beast That Is The Global Economy Season 1 from 22.02.
  • The Expanse-seasons 1-3 from 08.02.
  • The Flash-Staffel4 from 03.02.
  • Taken season 1 from 27.02.


  • A Quiet Place
    exclusively available from 23.02.
  • The mummy (2017)
    exclusively available from 19.02.
  • The Florida Project
    exclusively available from 02.02.
  • Loving
    exclusively available from 26.02.
  • No Way Out – Against the flames
    exclusively available from 03.02.
  • After a true story
    exclusively available from 17.02.
  • Do you feel burned out and empty sometimes?
    exclusively available from 20.02.
  • The miracle exercise
    exclusively available from 28.02.
  • After the judgment
    exclusively available from 21.02.
  • Foxtrot
    exclusively available from 25.02.
  • Operation Red Sea
    exclusively available from 19.02.
  • The Hollow Child
    exclusively available from 03.02.
  • Spice World
    available from 01.02.

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