Every second Internet user has already been victim of cybercrime

According to a study by digital association Bitkom, every second Internet user in Germany has become a victim of cybercrime in the past year.

Blackmailers threaten to reveal their porn consumption!

Terrifying numbers

Nearly a quarter of respondents (23 percent) had their personal data illegally used or disclosed to third parties, the Bitkom said. For example, 12 percent of Internet users were cheated in the past year when private purchases or sales transactions, eleven percent said that their account data was abused.

As the recent data scandal has shown around a 20-year-old student from Hesse, can be with relatively simple means cause great damage. The man, arrested on Sunday, had collected some very personal data from around 1,000 politicians and celebrities and linked them publicly to Twitter. However, users could complicate data misuse or identity theft with simple measures, said Bitkom Chief Executive Bernhard Rohleder.

How to protect yourself

The Bitkom again advised, in addition to regular updates of the software used and the two-factor authentication for access to platforms to use even more complex passwords that could not be easily guessed. However, many users have failed in their daily lives, said Thorsten Urbanski, spokesman for the IT security service provider Eset. With the large number of passwords that are used on average, complex, unrecognizable passwords are not very practical.

How to protect your personal data in the network

Urbanski advised to use a password manager. “They exist, they just have to be used – if a student already manages to get sensitive personal data”. In general, according to the experience of the past week, more information is advised when dealing with your own data, such as a “7. Sinn “, as it was then on TV for motorists.