That’s why the iPhone turns off before the battery is empty

Does your iPhone sometimes go crazy? Although the display still shows 20 percent charge, there is suddenly battery anarchy: The smartphone turns off sometimes easy – then it hangs on the power outlet, it suddenly jumps again from 0 to 10 percent and more. Is the battery broken? Not necessarily, the error is often in the system.

Where does the battery chaos on the iPhone come from?

The answer is quite simple: The iPhone dodges the battery indicator. For the longevity of lithium-ion batteries, it is not good to be 100 percent charged or completely shut down to 0 percent. The manufacturers also know this and resort to a trick: the smartphone stops the charging process before the battery is actually completely full – but the display still shows 100 percent charge. Conversely, the iPhone also turns off before the battery is actually completely empty. This not only protects it, but also ensures that there is still enough residual power for a safe shutdown.


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However, this functionally meaningful function also has a disadvantage: it “confuses” the iPhone over time – and therefore it can happen that the iPhone shuts down, although the display on the display still 20 percent charge and more.

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What can I do against it?

First of all, keep your eyes open for system updates. Unless you have auto-updates set, download the latest version of the iOS OS regularly. Smaller non-hardware issues will be addressed by Apple in the short term. For major issues, such as the iPhone 6 and 6s in November 2016, Apple even launched a device replacement program.

If no update for a specific battery problem is available, a calibration helps. To do this, you should empty the battery completely – until the iPhone turns itself off. With a few 4K video streams or a round of “Pokmon GO” that goes straight. After that, the phone has to be plugged in again. Charge it to 100 percent without using it in between and leave it on for another two to three hours on the mains.


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Then perform a so-called “soft reset”: Hold down the Power and Home buttons for a few seconds at the same time. After a short while a button with “switch off” appears on the display – you activate itNot, but keep the buttons pressed for more seconds. The Apple logo should appear and the device restarts.

Then repeat these steps a second time – your smartphone should now correctly specify the battery level.