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You can specify for which place and at what time you would like to receive the forecasts.

Weather via WhatsApp – that’s how it works

If you want to receive the weather report via WhatsApp in the future, you must first save the selected weather service as a contact in your mobile phone. The following services can be reached at the following numbers:

Weather Online:+4915792353969

Once the new contact has been created, send it a message with the password “Start” (without the quotation marks) via the messenger. The service is now activated and you will receive a confirmation of registration. In their announcements WetterOnline and inform about further furnishing steps. If you need help or have questions about the offer, send the Help command via WhatsApp. With the keyword “rest” you can pause the sending of weather forecasts. And with the command “Stop” the service can be completely canceled.


But especially the command “Weather” is interesting for the start because it allows to personalize the service. Follow the instructions and choose where to get weather forecasts for WhatsApp. If you want to send the weather report for several regions, this can be done with the command “Weather in (insert city)”. You then get this information in addition to the main place you set at the beginning. If you want to change the location or the shipping time afterwards, this is done via a message with the keyword “place” or “time”.

By the way: The weather forecast can also be requested via Facebook Messenger, via Instagram or, in the case of WetterOnline, via Telegram.

Bulk News Banned: End for Weather Report via WhatsApp?

Both weather services use the WhatsApp broadcast service to send the weather report via WhatsApp. With the broadcast lists, you can send messages to up to 256 people at once. But right here is a problem. Because WhatsApp has recently prohibited the sending of newsletters or mass messages in its FAQ. So it says here:

“WhatsApp is a private messaging platform that was originally developed to help people communicate with friends and family. […] Our products are not intended for bulk or automated messaging. Both have always violated our Terms of Use.

WhatsApp will take legal action against those on December 7, 2019, against those who find that they violate our Terms of Service or assist others with this abuse, for example through automated messaging, mass messaging or non-personal use. “