Cheap steam broom by Aldi in the test

Steam brooms promise hygienic cleaning of smooth floors and carpets. Equipped with a handy water tank, which is attached to the handle, surfaces should be cleaned gently. They are designed to replace wet wiping of floors without any chemical cleaning agents. The prices of most devices are 50 to 100 euros. So how is the discounter model of manufacturer Quigg in the test, which is available from July 25 at Aldi Nord for 29.99 euros?

This is how TECHBOOK tests

For the test of the device, we cleaned different floors. To do this, we prepared the substrate with dry dirt before. The steam brooms were examined with regard to equipment, processing, handling and cleaning results.

The Quigg steam broom by Aldi in the test

Quigg steam broom


  • 1,500 watts
  • Water tank: 520 ml
  • overheating protection
  • Cable length: 8 meters


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✔ Quickly heated and ready for use
✔ For cleaning carpet, tiles and sealed hard floors
✔ Removable handheld steam cleaner

Equipment and processing

In terms of equipment, the steam broom from the discounter can score. The delivery includes two washable microfibre cloths, a carpet slider attachment and a container for filling the water tank. The latter can also be conveniently filled under the tap. This includes exactly the same accessories as, for example, the twice as expensive branded device, the Vileda Steam.

Water tank Quigg

The tank holds enough water to clean an average apartment in one go. Once it is empty, it can be refilled but lightning fast.

Processing and appearance of the steamer are also valuable. Although the device is completely made of plastic parts, they lock into each other without problems and feel stable. It remains unclear how durable the device or the individual parts are. Attached to the device is also an eight meter long power cable. Although this is sufficiently long, but can not move in and thus not really nice stow. Apart from that, the steam broom but takes up little space and can even be folded. This is already shown by the relatively small box in which it is sold.

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Handling and operation

After building and filling the water, the unit is ready for work after a very short heat-up period. At the push of a button hot steam flows out of the device at the bottom, which is supposed to dissolve dirt on the floor. This lands then in the bottom attached microfiber cloth. Depending on the degree of soiling, the intensity of the steaming can be set using a rotary knob. In the test, there was hardly any result at low intensity, which is why we turned up the device more and more. The fact that the steam blasts are ejected manually at the press of a button proved to be less practical, especially with larger areas. Here the button is pressed practically permanently. A kind of automatic would be desirable in these cases.


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✔ Anti-shock sensors protect items of furniture from scratches
✔ Timer function

Otherwise, the steam cleaner is good in the hand and maneuver easily – even for taller people. The 360-degree ball joint above the wiper part allows quick direction changes. Working with a wiper is definitely more strenuous.

cleaning result

Anyone expecting an all-in-one device is wrong. The Quigg steam cleaner, like the competition, does not have a suction function. He just replaces the wiping work, but must be sucked before anyway. Thanks to the triangular brush, the device fits in well with the corners and a glance at the microfibre cloth after cleaning shows that the steam broom removes a lot of dirt. The ability to clean carpets also clearly sets it apart from conventional wipers. However, this is not the core competence of the device, so we recommend it for runners rather than whole apartments with carpets.

Quigg broom cloth

So much dirt removed the steam broom from a sucked ground on an area of about 10 square meters


“Having never touched a steam broom before, I was positively surprised by the device. The comparison to conventional wiping feels like it’s going to sweep up the dust instead of vacuuming. The results were convincing in the test and the price is more than fair. The absence of detergent while maintaining hygiene is a great side effect. I definitely did not miss the heavy water bucket. “-Andreas Filbig, editor