Will Apple return the old rainbow logo on iPhone 11?

For a full 21 years, from 1977 to 1998, the rainbow color logo adorned the Californian company’s equipment. After that, the colorful colors gave way to a simpler design, which continues today. The classic could come back this year, as the page MacRumors reported.

Apple’s Rainbow Logo May Return to Some New Products as Early as This Year https://t.co/BIFXFFk3gG by @rsgnl pic.twitter.com/Vyw5IeDkLE

– MacRumors.com (@MacRumors) July 16, 2019

Old logo on new devices?

According to rumors, the six-color logo could be used, for example, on the new iPhone, which will hit the market in September. But the rainbow could also be used on other devices, such as iPads and MacBooks. That reveals at least one well-informed source of the site MacRumors. However, according to the informant, it is still unclear whether Apple will return the logo nationwide or whether it will only be used on a special edition. The latter is well conceivable, since the apple company with “(PRODUCT) RED” for years brings special editions of its devices on the market.

How reliable is the rumor?

Another point that could speak for it is the application for trademark protection for the rainbow logo, which Apple already submitted in February last year. Nevertheless, the information must be viewed with extreme caution. At the Apple headquarters, according to the insider, plans are circulating to bring back the old Apple logo. But since no other sources of this rumor confirmed, but these plans can also be changed very quickly. We think the idea is very cool and would be happy about it. Still, we can only give the rumor a 25 percent probability.