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From September, the DSL fares from Vodafone will be more expensive. 1.39 euros have to pay more then customers for their Internet connection. Blame for the increase is the line rental by Telekom, which has already raised the Bonn network operator on 1 July. Vodafone now transfers these costs to its customers.

What is behind the cable rental of Telekom?

In general, providers such as Telefnica / O2, Vodafone or other providers do not have lines that lead from the exchange directly into the house or the home of a customer. These so-called “last mile” – also subscriber line, short TAL, called – rent them instead of the German Telekom. As of July 1, 2019, the Bonn-based network operator has increased the lease for the last mile with the permission of the Federal Network Agency from 10.02 euros per month to 11.19 euros plus VAT. Telekom justifies the price increase with the rise of many relevant price parameters, in particular the civil engineering prices, the copper prices, the hourly rate for assembly work and the prices for contractors.

Affected DSL customers have special right of termination

The increase in rent for the last mile affects all DSL providers who rent the TAL from Telekom. Vodafone is the first provider, which now transfers the costs to its customers. As explained on the information page, so many Vodafone customers are affected by the increase that the provider can not absorb the costs and therefore must pass them on to his customers. Including VAT, the price increase amounts to 1.39 euros per month. It is listed on the monthly statement under the item “line rental surcharge”.

The bottom line is that the additional costs are still manageable. Nevertheless, customers who disagree with the increase in DSL costs, can defend against it. They have a special right of termination and can thus terminate their DSL contract with Vodafone prematurely. The three-month notice period is waived in this case.


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According to Vodafone, the cancellation request must be received by the provider by 31 August 2019. In the notice of termination, customers should refer to their special right of termination. If you would like to take your landline number to a new provider, the application from the new provider must also be submitted to Vodafone by the end of August. The number will then be unlocked on the desired date. How the phone number recording works, we explain here:

So take your old phone number

Without a desired date, the contract ends on 31st August. As an alternative to written notice, users can terminate their contract by telephone. The lines are switched daily from 7.30 am to 10 pm under 0800 107 10 20. Vodafone will then send a written notice of termination.