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For a long time, LTE access was reserved only for Vodafone itself and the direct discount brand Otelo. It was not until April of this year that the provider started to enable LTE for third-party providers such as mobilcom-debitel or Freenet Mobile. Now comes Lidl Connect in the 4G enjoyment.

These LTE rates are offered by Lidl Connect

Lidl Connect is a prepaid provider with different options in the range. These can be flexibly booked on the base rate, the starter package is for a single 9.99 euros to have. There is already a starting balance of 10 euros. Without booked option minutes and SMS are charged with 9 cents each.


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The discounter currently offers four smart tariffs with LTE, all of which have a duration of 28 days. For little users, there is the Smart XS for 4.99 euros. He brings with him 100 units for minutes and SMS as well as 750 MB data volume. The Smart S, Smart L and Smart XL options, on the other hand, include an Allnet Flat and SMS Flat as well as an Internet flat rate with varying data volumes. 7.99 euros pay customers for the offer with 2 GB of data, 12.99 euros, the package costs 4 GB and for 6 GB data volume to Allnet Flat Lidl Connect calculated 19.99 per four weeks.

These smartphone rates now offer more data for free

Surfing slower, despite LTE

Although the smart tariffs now allow the LTE access, users surf slower on the Internet in principle. Because before the conversion Lidl Connect made possible over the UMTS net of Vodafone maximum speeds of 32 Mbit / s in the downstream. Now it is only 21.6 Mbit / s. Thus, the Vodafone discounter offers the same maximum speed that also Aldi talc provides in the network of O2.

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Nevertheless, LTE access has clear advantages over UMTS. On the one hand, the network operators are slowly ringing the end of UMTS / 3G. The nets are already being dismantled piece by piece. On the other hand, LTE offers significantly shorter latency times (response times), which can be decisive in gaming, for example.


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New customers of Lidl Connect will immediately benefit from the LTE activation when booking a smart option.