With these tips, you can restrict Google’s data curiosity

Google collects user data on Android smartphones in order to be able to play advertising to the exact target audience. Anyone who would like to slow down the group can do so with a few simple changes in the settings, reports the trade magazine “connect” (issue 8/19).

Even small changes in the settings can help

For example, under “Accounts / Google,” you might want to turn off syncing services that you’re not using. And with the keyboard app Gboard you turn off “Personalized suggestions” and “Share usage statistics”.

In the settings under “Apps” users should uninstall any unneeded Google applications, experts advise. If that does not work because the app is protected, you can disable it. And at the point “Backup and Restore”, which is often found under “System”, you can switch off the server backup of call lists or WLAN passwords.

Does Google secretly collect location data from Android phones?

If you navigate to “Google / Advertising”, you can deactivate personalized advertising there. And if you are already in the Google settings, it makes sense to look through all the points once and then knock on whether a particular data storage is desired or not. This can also be turned off, for example, that Google records all visited places (location history).