How to activate the emergency mode on the smartphone

There is an easier and faster way instead of dialing the well-known emergency numbers like 110 or 112. This is a setting on the smartphone, which is probably as effective as hardly any other in a dangerous situation. If a smartphone user is in danger, he can use the emergency mode feature to call for help in a dangerous situation.

How to enable the emergency mode on Android

Android smartphones version 5.0 or higher have the option of emergency mode. It can be activated if the user presses the main switch three times (in some devices also five times) in succession.

The function can be set up as follows:

  • The user opens the “Settings” of the mobile phone.
  • In the menu item “System” is the sub-item “emergency assistant” on most Android phones.
  • Under “Send help message” you must now set the switch to “On”.
  • If you select the option “Attach pictures”, you will activate the front and back camera, which will take a picture while an emergency is triggered by the user.
  • It is also possible to add the option “Attach audio recording”, which additionally sends a short audio recording during the emergency call.
  • Including four contacts can be set for an emergency and stored under “important contacts”.
  • If the smartphone user taps the power button three times in succession, the previously determined emergency contacts receive a message.

Beware: This useful feature has its pitfalls, because help messages can be shipped quickly by mistake.

How to enable the emergency mode on the iPhone, read here:

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On a Samsung smartphone

If you have a Samsung phone, you can activate the emergency mode by tapping the on / off button for a long time, then selecting the emergency mode and activating it. Now the activation process is started. This reduces energy consumption and limits the number of usable apps and features. Functions like WLAN or Bluetooth are deactivated among other things. Further settings can still be adjusted within the menu.


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Apps for emergencies

There are also a number of apps in the Google Play Store that are designed to provide quick and easy help in the event of an emergency. This help can even be tailored to the individual needs of the individual. Especially for smartphones that do not have an emergency mode in their settings, this is a good alternative for users. Some apps have oneEmergency call with one clickpossible. For example, this option offers the following apps:

  • Echo 112: The app can detect which country the user is in and shows the correct emergency numbers. At the press of a button, the smartphone user can dial the necessary telephone number. In addition, the app transmits the position of the user to the emergency service.
  • SOS Emergency: Via an emergency button, the user can call for help with the help of this app. The smartphone sends a message and dials the number of a previously designated contact person as well as the number of the emergency call.

ImportantInformation about first respondersoffers, among other things, the app of the German Red Cross. This app for Android allows interactive support in an emergency situation. Other apps offer the possibilitymedical information of the userto save such as the app emergency ID. The app was developed by a team of doctors and firefighters who repeatedly realized in action that a patient’s emergency data, such as information about previous illnesses or medication, was missing.