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When talking about unlimited mobile tariffs, we mean offers in which the surfing speed is not throttled after consuming a certain amount of data. Users surf permanently and unthrottled via the LTE network of the respective provider.

In terms of structure, the offerings of Deutsche Telekom differ, from Vodafone and O2 barely. In addition to an Allnet-Flat, which covers calls to all German networks, there is also an SMS-Flat as well as the unlimited Internet-Flat. Freenet Funk, however, acts a little differently, but also provides the cheapest Unlimited tariff.

Freenet Funk Unlimited – the most flexible tariff

Although the provider Freenet Funk also operates a website, the tariff realized in the Telefnica / O2 network can only be ordered via the app offered for Android and iOS. The app also provides complete communication with the provider, who uses it to check the identity of the customer. Customers can manage their contract there again, which is also necessary due to the extraordinary tariff principle. Because instead of booking the Freenet Funk Unlimited for a full month or maybe even for two years, the provider pays off per day of use.


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Price and tariff details

The Freenet Funk Unlimited tariff costs 99 cents per day, with billing per calendar day. For this, customers get an Allnet Flat and SMS Flat as well as an unlimited Internet Flatrate. This allows surfing via LTE max. with up to 225 Mbps downstream and 50 Mbps upstream from O2. Also VoLTE and Wifi Calling, so the phone calls via LTE or WLAN, and tethering are available.

Benefit Customers Freenet Funk Unlimited a full month, so 30 days, costs incurred in the amount of 29.70 euros. Thus the offerer puts the currently most favorable Unlimited offer on the market. Even the flexible duration of just one day is one of the advantages of the tariff. If you want, you can also pause the use of Freenet Funk. This is possible for a maximum of 14 days at a time. After that, the tariff is automatically reactivated. During the break, neither the sending of SMS, nor outgoing calls and surfing the net are possible. Incoming calls are still put through.

Limitations and Hints

Freenet Funk calculates the costs incurred by PayPal, other payment methods do not currently exist. Sending the SIM card is free. The Unlimited fare does not include services that incur additional costs – it remains at 99 cents a day. However, there are two major disadvantages compared to the offers of the network operator: On the one hand, users can neither call special numbers nor make calls abroad. An alternative for calls abroad are, for example, WhatsApp calls. Even a landline number can not be ordered. On the other hand, the tariff currently can not be used abroad because roaming is blocked. At least the use within the EU should be released soon, according to the provider.

O2 Free Unlimited – the cheapest operator rate

The O2 Free Unlimited is a classically built tariff directly from the network operator. Among other things, it can be booked via the website of the provider.

Price and tariff details

For a monthly price of € 59.99, customers at O2 not only receive limited mobile data volumes, the O2 Free Unlimited also includes an Allnet Flat and an SMS Flat. The term is at least 24 months, whereby it extends for another year, if customers do not cancel with a period of three months to the end of the contract. Alternatively, customers can opt for a one-month term. The o2 Free Unlimited Flex costs a bit more with 64.99 Euro per month. In both cases, the provider charges 39.99 euros for the one-off payment.

As this is a network operator tariff, customers also use the O2 network. The maximum speed is 225 Mbps down and 50 Mbps upstream. The O2 Free Unlimited can also be used abroad. Within the EU as well as in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, there are no additional costs for calls and text messages thanks to regulated EU roaming. However, the Internet usage is limited to a maximum of 23 GB per month due to the EU Fair Use Policy.

Limitations and Hints

O2 points out in its tariff regulations that the use of the O2 Free Unlimited can only be done with the smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices. As a stationary replacement for DSL – for example, the permanent use in the home LTE router – the offer is thus not included despite the included landline number. Occasional tethering is easily possible.

How much data volume you really need

Vodafone Red XL Unlimited – the fastest fare

Vodafone also offers a tariff with unlimited data volume. Meanwhile, he is no longer actively advertised on the website. On request, however, he can order by phone, as the provider explains on the website specially set up for the Red XL Unlimited.

Price and tariff details

The Red XL Unlimited offers for 79.99 euros a month also an Allnet Flat, SMS Flat and unlimited Internet Flat. With up to 500 Mbps down and 100 Mbps upload, Vodafone’s LTE network has the highest speeds. The minimum contract period is 24 months, there is no monthly termination option. The one-time connection costs are 39.99 euros. Vodafone also allows the use of its Unlimited rate abroad. However, it is possible to use the internet up to 30 GB within the EU.

Customers can order up to four additional cards for the Red XL Unlimited tariff. Vodafone calculates 5 euros per card. They can be reached via the same phone number and access up to 10 GB of data volume.

Limitations and Hints

As with O2, Vodafone prohibits the use of the tariff as a stationary DSL replacement. Tethern is allowed though. The provider also points out that he reserves the right to extraordinary termination if the fare is used excessively. Over 15,000 talk minutes per month are considered excessive.

Telekom MagentaMobil XL – the international rate

Meanwhile, Deutsche Telekom even offers two unlimited fares. One offer is a classic LTE tariff, the other advertises access to the 5G network.

Price and tariff details

The MagentaMobil XL realizes the provider quite classic in his LTE network. The maximum speeds are thus 300 Mbit / s in the downstream and 50 Mbit / s in the upstream. For the combination of Allnet-Flat, SMS-Flat and Internet-Flat the Telekom calculates € 79.95 per month. The minimum contract period is 24 months, for the connection the provider charges only 39.95 euros.

The EU roaming conditions of the MagentaMobil XL are identical to those of the Vodafone tariff. This means that even here the internet usage is only possible up to a maximum of 30 GB per month. Incidentally, this also applies to Switzerland. In addition, Telekom has integrated a hotspot flat in the offer. Throughout Germany, all telecom hotspots can be used free of charge.

Telekom MagentaMobil XL – the 5G tariff

Telekom also offers a special version of the Unlimited fare. This is called MagentaMobil XL Special and allows access to the 5G network of the provider – as soon as it is available. Because Telekom still operates no commercially usable 5G network. It can take a few more months for this to happen. Nevertheless, customers pay a little more for the 5G tariff with € 84.95 per month. The only advantage that can be actively exploited is the higher data limit for EU roaming. This is 33 instead of 30 GB per month.

All tariffs in the comparison table

Freenet Radio Unlimited O2 Free Unlimited Vodafone Red XL Telekom MagentaMobil XL Telekom MagentaMobil XL Special
costs per month 29,70 euros 59.99 euros / 64.99 euros 79.99 euros 79.95 euros 84.95 euros
connection 0,00 Euro 39.99 euros 39.99 euros 39.95 euros 39.95 euros
running time 1 day 24 months / 1 month 24 Months 24 Months 24 Months
Phone / SMS Flat Flat Flat Flat Flat
Inclusive volume unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Down / Up 225/50 Mbps 225/50 Mbps 500/100 Mbps 300/50 Mbps 300/50 Mbit / s (later 5G)
EU Roaming not possible inclusive, up to 23 GB inclusive, up to 30 GB inclusive, up to 30 GB inclusive, up to 33 GB


“Thanks to Freenet Funk, there is now a real alternative to the large network operators. The Unlimited fare offers at least within Germany almost all the advantages that also offer the big providers: Allnet Flat, SMS Flat and just the unlimited Internet Flat. The offer is even more flexible and cheaper than the rest. Those who travel a lot in the EU, but should rather look at the telecom, Vodafone or O2. Here are the offers very similar. Rather discourage, however, is currently still of the 5G tariff of the Telekom. This is more expensive than the LTE variant, but can not really be used yet. “-Rita Deutschbein, editor