To watch YouTube again on Amazon’s Fire TV

At the end of 2017, after a series of disputes with Amazon, Google announced that it would stop supporting the YouTube app on Amazon devices as of January 1, 2018. And in fact, the threat came true when Fire TV owners suddenly could not open the official Youtbe app after New Year’s Eve. In early July, after one and a half years of mutual blockade, both parties have reached a compromise that finally brings back the Youtube app.

Mutual exchange

Not only did Google and Amazon push their way back to bringing the YouTube app back to Fire TV, but Amazon Prime Video was also available on the Google Chromecast and Android TV. All Fire TV sticks from the second generation, the Fire TV Cube and smart TVs with Fire TV get the official Youtube app. But that’s not all: The apps for Youtube TV and Youtube Kids should also find their way to Fire TV sets later.

Conversely, Google’s Chromecast models, as well as any TVs and other devices that support Chromecast or run Android TV, now have access to Amazon’s Prime Video service. Owners of the 4K-enabled Chromecast Ultra also get access to several thousand titles from Amazon’s exclusive video library, which is otherwise available exclusively to Prime members – and it’s free!

Alternatives to the Youtube app for Fire TV

If there’s another dispute between Google and Amazon, here are two ways for you to watch Youtube anytime and anywhere on a Fire TV:

1. YouTube via the Silk Browser

The easiest way YouTube can be accessed via the Amazon Silk Browser, which is also available in Germany since early 2018.As the YouTube app for the Amazon Fire TV in principle only linked to the website, that is The difference is that you can not access YouTube directly from the home screen of your Fire TV, but have to open the browser first. There is but a link to the YouTube page to find, Amazon finally knows exactly what the browser will be the most used. After calling the link, you can log in to your user data as usual to access your subscriptions. The remote control also works like the official YouTube app.

These are the best apps for Amazon Fire TV

2. YouTube via the Firefox browser

Almost simultaneously with the Silk Browser, a Fire TV-optimized version of the popular Firefox browser was also released. Like Silk, Firefox also links to the YouTube page on the homepage. The control over the remote works as well as the registration with the own user data. One advantage that the Firefox App for Fire TV has over Silk is that it is based on the Firefox desktop browser, providing important tracking protection for its users. This allows you to tell websites that your surfing behavior should not be tracked there.