With this trick you grease your text at WhatsApp | TechBook

Half Romans type WhatsApp users probably always back in their Smartphones.Die consequence: The chat partner can read over there in the flood of letters ever something. Looks almost everything the same – at least if no Emoji is used. With a few simple steps on the phone keyboard but that can change. From the mass of words, certain passages or words can stand out by beingfat, italicorstrikethroughto be written. With these formatting important information is guaranteed not lost. What goes on the computer works, namely in the news service.

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Since there is no extra button on WhatsApp for the feature, punctuation is used. Our short tutorial shows how texts can be easily formatted on WhatsApp (for iOS and Android). This will impress your chat partners guaranteed.


If you want to grease a word or a section of text, put an asterisk at the beginning and end. The formatting is not yet visible in your own text field. Only when you send the text, the selected area of the chat partner is displayed in bold. We find: really bold!

Embed the text in stars and then the desired area is greased.

Embed the text in stars and then the desired area is greased.


For the italic font, place an underscore before and after the corresponding text passage. The command “underline” italicizes the text.

italicized text on WhatsApp with an underscore before and one behind the text.

With two underlines the text becomes italic.


Especially if you discover an error when reading a message that has already been sent, it can be easily fixed with the push-through function. The word or sentence is written in the midst of Tilden (also called approximate sign or wavy line).

With the exception of Tilden, the text is crossed out.

In the middle of Tilden the text is crossed out.

Very important:After or before the respective special character no space is set!