So you can try iOS 13 on the iPhone first

Usually, the update comes in September with the new iPhones, but Apple offers a beta program, with which everyone can try out the new iOS 12 before.

Registration is quick and easy, but users should be aware that they are test versions that can be unstable, causing crashes and delays in use.

The public testing phase of the new iOS operating system has already started.


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To install the iOS beta version on your iPhone

Before you install iOS Beta, you should always make a backup of your data (backup), since a loss due to unstable software can not be ruled out.

  • Go to this page and clickto register

Apple Beta iOS 13

  • Sign in with your Apple ID

  • Confirm the agreement for the Apple Beta Software Program

  • Now go to the page with your iPhone and sign in again with the Apple ID
  • The page automatically jumps to the item Load profile. Click on the blue button there

  • After the profile has been downloaded, a window with the beta software profile should automatically appear. If not, you will find the update belowsettings > Generalsoftware update, click onTo installand follow the instructions

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Why try iOS 13 Beta?

After iOS 12, which mainly involved bug fixes and performance improvements, iOS 13 is again a real feature update that should make it easier to use the iPhone.

  • Many apps already offer this option and now that Windows and macOS have already received a dark mode, it’s now iOS’s turn. The system-wide dark fashion will be in the shots as an option to the bright white look that has dominated iOS for many years.
  • In iOS 13, the annoying volume indicator, which in many apps lays over the content as a huge box, is finally being replaced by a slimmer, less invasive solution. Example of this could be the volume in Android, which is displayed on the screen border parallel to the volume keys.
  • The photo app has been completely redesigned and contains numerous editing functions for photos and videos. Including, for example, the ability to rotate videos shot in the wrong orientation.