Cell phone battery: That’s why it should not be charged overnight | TechBook

Although nothing works without him, comes the smartphone battery in everyday life virtually no attention. Unless he is empty. The energy donor thanks for attention and care with longer maturities and at the end with a longer life.

With charging stop against the early Akkutod

One of the most important measures against the premature Akkutod is the charging stop. One should end the charging process whenever possible at 80 percent, advises the Stiftung Warentest. Because fully charged batteries age prematurely. An automatic shutdown give it at mobile phones but not yet.

For this reason, users should not hang their mobile phone on the electricity overnight and therefore always charge to 100 percent. To be reasonably comfortable over the course of the day, according to the merchandise testers, the dividing strategy is recommended. One hangs the mobile phone about every morning at breakfast and once again at dinner, instead of letting it hang there for hours at a time.

5 tricks for a longer battery life of the smartphone

The effort is paid off at the end of the life. With good treatment, lithium-ion batteries last for three to five years, according to the Federal Environmental Agency. In contrast, if the energy dispenser is treated improperly, halve the life.