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Small in size and with a display – these features reflect the new Echo Show 5 quite well. As a member of the show series, Amazon has equipped the device with an eponymous 5.5-inch touch screen, which can be used not only to retrieve information, but also to play videos. The Echo Show 5 is right between the small, spherical Echo Spot and the big Echo Show with 10-inch display. It also offers most of the same features as the big model.

Echo Show 5 in color black and white on a table

The Echo Show 5 is available in black or white. both bring a 5.5-inch display.

Echo Show 5. First impression

The optionally available in black or white Echo Show 5 comes in a blue packaging to the customer, in addition to the actual device is also a brief description and the power supply including cable. Operation is either via the touch screen, or via the three buttons on the upper frame of the Echo Show 5. Here you will find a button that can be used to switch off the two microphones, and two buttons to adjust the volume.

There is also a 1-MP camera, which can be concealed on request by sliding device. Amazon reacts to the security-conscious users. It’s a small detail, but it has a big impact. Another advantage: So far, the microphone was disabled when the camera. This no longer happens with the slider, so that both components can be switched independently of each other.


Echo Show 5

✔With a compact 5.5-inch Smart Display
✔Control your Smart Home easily
✔ Available in two colors

The quality of the camera is not outstanding, on extensions such as HDR Amazon has omitted. The camera is enough for the short video chat but completely. People will probably not be able to shoot photos with them anyway. For video telephony can either use the Alexa app, or Skype.

The Echo Show 5 is made entirely of plastic, but well made. A small rubber foot ensures that he does not slip on the table. Nevertheless, the device does not make the highest quality impression. Nice is the fabric-covered back. Here are also the 4-watt speakers of the new echo. In contrast to the music echoes or the big Echo Show, the Echo Show features 5 instead of 4 only two microphones. However, we were unable to determine any losses in understanding voice commands, even with music turned up at most.

Although the Echo Show 5 has a micro USB port, it can not be powered by it. Instead, the proprietary plug must be connected. Better with such a compact model would have been if it could also be operated wirelessly. Then the price would probably be much higher due to the necessary batteries. In addition to the power and micro-USB port is located on the back of the device and a port for a jack.

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As soon as the Echo Show 5 is connected to the power supply, the system starts up. Due to a fairly long startup process, however, it will take some time before the first entries can be made. In the next steps, the echo will be set up and logged in to the user’s Amazon account. This is done quickly thanks to simple menu navigation and a well-responsive touch screen.

Once the echo is set up, it downloads the latest updates, which include some new features designed specifically for the Echo Show 5, among others.

Software update on the Echo Show 5

A recent update brings new features to the Echo Show 5.

The basic features of the Echo Show 5

The startup screen not only displays the time, it also shows popular questions about Alexa or Alexa tips. The impressions sometimes disturb something, especially since they can not be adapted to personal preferences. From the start screen it is possible to wipe the menus, which control the basic functions of the echo. For example, users can contact other echo owners by video call or send a message to all echoes in the home. With the “drop-in” function, the Echo Show 5 also becomes a baby camera.

In the Smart Home section, the new Echo displays all home-connected devices that can be controlled via Alexa. For example, if users have a video doorbell running, they can see who is currently at the door on the Echo Show 5 display. For video playback, the Echo Show 5 uses Amazon Video. Due to the low resolution of 960 x 480 pixels, the presentation is not very sharp. In addition, the strong darkening of the display disturbs at an oblique angle. If users want to read the screen, this is possible in the desired quality only with direct top view. Smartphones now offer not only a larger, but also a sharper display. Much better the Echo Show 5 cuts off in music playback. The sound on the back speakers is sufficiently loud, the sound quite balanced.

Finally, the Echo Show 5 can also be used as an alarm clock with snooze function. He not only displays the time and temperature via individually adjustable dials. Users can also be woken up by the light. If the alarm is set between 4 and 9 o’clock in the morning, the display lights up slowly, which should provide a more natural wake-up. Upon request, users can also set an animation of a sunrise.


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Still no Google connection

Who uses the Echo devices from Amazon, goes irrevocably in the online universe of the manufacturer. Whether Amazon PrimeVideo, Amazon music, the Silk browser or Prime Photos – the company prefers to use its own solutions. But that does not mean that other services can not be used. For example, Amazon also allows access to Facebook, Skype or Firefox via the new echo. Only Google applications require users to continue without it. You can only access YouTube on the browser – a working, but not very convenient solution.

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Prices and availability

Amazon sells the Echo Show 5 for the price of 89.99 euros, delivery begins on 1 July 2019. With this price, the new echo is significantly cheaper than the echo spot, which costs 129.99 euros. At the same time, the spot also offers a much smaller range of functions. The Echo Show 5 is thus the ideal entry-level device for users who would like to try out an echo with an integrated display. It is also suitable as a compact second device for the big echo show.


“In principle, I like the Echo Show 5 from Amazon quite well. The design is reminiscent of old radio alarm clock, but can Alexa through the display more effective than just by voice command. Whether it’s a quick cooking guide, the calendar or the weather forecast – some information is visually easier to record. Even as an alarm clock, the Show 5 is ideal. Just a pity that he needs to be powered by cable. That does not make him particularly mobile despite the compact form. Also, the resolution of the small display can not convince me. To watch videos, my smartphone is much better. “-Rita Deutschbein, editor