To delete a WhatsApp group

Creating a group on WhatsApp is easy – so groups are created for all sorts of occasions, such as a holiday, a birthday, a game night, or a group session. This can quickly get out of hand, as you become a member of dozens of groups that are often used only for a given fact and then never again.

If you want to stay in a group, but only read messages when it suits you, the function is to mute the group. You can also leave a group. You will no longer receive messages, but the group will still be displayed in your list. How to finally delete the group from your phone, we show you in our guide.

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Step-by-Step Guide

  • Go to the group you want to delete and click on the group name in the header bar.


  • You are now in the group settings and need to scroll down to get to the “Leave group” option. Click on the button.


  • In the message that appears, click on “Exit”.


  • Although you are no longer a member, you will still see the group. To completely remove them, you must therefore click on “delete group”.


  • Confirm deletion of the group in the next message by clicking on “Delete”. In this step, you can also delete media sent within the group from the phone.


  • Done, the group has now been completely deleted from your phone.

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