Are account generators legal?

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky and Spotify – we often need multiple streaming services to watch all the series and movies or listen to music. However, that can nibble quite a bit on the bank account every month. That’s exactly what account-generators want to avoid. At an unbeatable low price, they offer their customers access to a variety of streaming offers.

Account generators like WickedGen offer about a Netflix account for the equivalent of € 2.50 per year, as the page TorrentFreak writes. The cheapest Netflix access would cost in this country 95.88 euros. It is also possible to subscribe to not just one service at a reduced rate, but several at the same time. For example, WickedGen had a Netflix account plus 69 other services for 5.86 euros per month or 14.24 euros per year.


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Mysterious: Shortly after the publication of the report ofTorrentFreakwas the platform WickedGen no longer available, because the provider of the platform apparently terminated. The creators of the account generator are available again.

Alleged streaming warnings do not pay

Account Generators on the Internet

However, WickedGen is not the only account generator that offers users as many services as possible for very little money. Others advertise providing Spotify access for free. A premium account is available for five euros a month. This includes 25 other accounts, 40 accounts are available for 15 euros per month.

Just as complex, other account generators offer their services. The cheapest package in the offer, there are some already from 4.19 euros. For five months, the user should have access to five accounts per day. A lifelong premium package should make for 33.53 euros a lifetime of 50 accounts usable.


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Are account generators legal?

It all sounds too good to be legal – and that’s not it. “Contrary to what the name suggests, so-called account generators do not create new accounts. “generates “but existing accounts are being tapped. Mostly, legal accounts have previously been hacked. Users of such account generators can then be prosecuted“Explains lawyer Christian Solmecke, who specializes in advising the Internet and IT industry. Since these are usually not copyright infringement, it is questionable whether civil law claims against the user can be asserted.

Users who reach the hacked access data for streaming platforms thanks to account generators can make themselves liable to prosecution for computer fraud in accordance with 263a of the Criminal Code (StGB). In addition, a criminal liability for Datenhehlerei according to 202d StGB come into consideration, “says Solmecke. A copyright infringement was probably not given, however, because when streaming and using an account generator, the work, for example, a series or a movie, in the sense of 16 of the Copyright Act (UrhG) is reproduced, but the source, such as Netflix, not unlawful. “Therefore, the duplication of the private copying scheme should be covered – and therefore not unlawful. “

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That can be the consequences

One thing should be clear to users of account generators: Although they have paid money for their account, they have no claim to the receipt of the promised streaming services. Therefore, the access can be blocked at any time, he can no longer look at the streaming offers or hear in case of doubt. “Users also threatenFines of several thousand euros“, Solmecke knows.

The fact that the streams are watched over VPN, a traceability of an IP address determination of the respective users is technically almost impossible.But: criminal consequences can arise especially for the user if the servers of the account generator should be confiscated. In this way, the customers of the seized account generator could be identified by their data for use.“In the past, the police have already succeeded in checking the servers of the predecessor In such cases, users who pay money for the service and thus are easier to identify, will certainly face consequences“Says lawyer Christian Solmecke.