5 technology bargains that are really worthwhile!

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Amazon Prime Day: These days, online retailers and electronics giants are promoting particularly large discounts. If you do not want to wait for those few days of the year, this is the place for you: TECHBOOK goes through the bargain jungle for you and puts together the best offers every week.

That makes a good bargain

Large percentages do not always speak for a good offer. Often the starting price is based on the usually very high, non-binding price recommendation (RRP) of the manufacturers, so that the discount looks particularly large. In fact, other traders often offer the device at the same or even cheaper prices. TECHBOOK therefore only includes bargains in the comparison that really offer the lowest price of all traders.

Another criterion is the quality of the product. Real bargains must also be something. That’s why TECHBOOK only presents articles that have convinced a large number of other users in terms of features and usability, or those that the editors have already tested themselves and found to be good.

This technology is currently particularly favorable (as of June 14, 6 pm)

TECH Friday

JBL charge 3 for94 euros85 euros

JBL batch 3

JBL Batch 3 | Photo: JBL

The JBL Charge 3 is still after the release of the successor Charge 4 still a very good choice to start a small party at home or with friends. But also to the beach you can take the handy pill, because the housing is waterproof to IPX7 and even withstands a dive. The stereo orientation of the built-in speakers fills every room and despite strong bass through the large radiators, the treble and mids are still very clear. Thanks to the integrated 6,000 mAh (mAh) battery and a USB output, the smartphone can also be charged while playing music. If the battery is only used for music, it holds up to 20 hours according to the manufacturer.

At the Media Markt, there is the black “Stealth” version of Charge 3 for 85 euros, shipping in Germany is free. Otherwise, the Bluetooth pill costs at least 9 euros more.

Nokia 3.1for118 euros90 euros

Nokia 3.1

Nokia 3.1 | Photo: Nokia

The Nokia 3.1 has made it into our list of the best smartphones under 200 euros in 2018 and has since fallen considerably in price. It features a 5.2-inch HD screen and a 13-megapixel rear camera. The resolution of the selfie camera is quite good with 8 megapixels. Shortcoming is the somewhat lame octa-core processor, the small memory with two gigabytes of memory and 16 gigabytes of internal memory. After all, the scarce internal memory via microSD card can be expanded by up to 256 GB. The smartphone is part of the Android One program, which means that it gets quick updates and a clean Android interface without unnecessary bloatware. The update to the current Android version 9 Pie is already available. The device can be equipped with two SIM cards and has a 2990 mAh battery. Unfortunately, the battery is charged via micro-USB, a modern USB-C port is looking in vain.

At Aldi Talk and Cyberport for only 90 euros and thus the best price. The competition wants to see over 28 euros more for the smartphone. There are even at Aldi an Aldi-Talk prepaid card with ten euros starting credit.


Nokia 3.1

✔Includes 2048 MB
✔Stunning design
✔Excellent resolution

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse for45 euros32 euros

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse | Photo: Microsoft

The Arc Touch Mouse by Microsoft is a practical companion for traveling, as it can be easily folded straight for transport and fits in any pocket. To use it, it simply has to be bent again and thus also switches on automatically. But that’s not so special about the mouse: Instead of a scroll wheel, she has a small touchpad that you can click and scroll up and down. When scrolling the mouse also gives a haptic feedback that can be deactivated by software. The mouse is connected to the computer via a nano receiver and lasts for several months with two AA batteries.

The Arc Touch Mouse is available at Amazon for just under 42 euros. This is a very good price, but with a coupon that is activated by clicking, you can even get to only 32 Euros. Elsewhere, the mouse costs at least 45 euros.


Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

✔Flexible design
✔With BlueTrack Technology
✔Includes lamp for battery power

Philips LatteGo coffee machine for449 euros359 euros

Philips EP2231 / 40 LatteGo

Philips EP2231 / 40 LatteGo | Photo: Philips

This coffee machine from Philips is ideal for those who are looking for a cheap device that masters the basics and is also easy to clean. The machine offers three presets for espresso, caff crema and cappuccino. Depending on the taste, the strength and amount of water of the drinks can be chosen freely. A special feature of the Philipps LatteGo is the two-piece milk carafe, which manages completely without tubes. This makes it extremely easy to clean under running water. Especially for dishwashers, where the milk would otherwise simmer in the tubes, this solution is very welcome. But the machine also offers otherwise good conditions such as a supplied and replaceable water filter, a high-quality ceramic disc grinder and an automatic cleaning and descaling function.

The Philips2200 series EP2231 / 40 LatteGo is available on Amazon for the best price of just under 359 euros. For other providers, the machine costs at least 449 euros. Who does not need automatic milk function, gets the Philips 2200 series EP2220 / 10 without LatteGo also for the best price of 240 euros also on Amazon.


Philips 2200 series EP2231 / 40 Coffee machine

✔Adjust the aroma strength
✔ Available in different colors
✔Easy operation

GoPro Hero 7 Silver for235 euros195 euros

GoPro Hero 7 Silver

The GoPro Hero 7 Silver | Photo: GoPro

The silver version of the current GoPro Hero 7 is the middle model of the series and comes without the “HyperSmooth” technology, which can only be found in the “Black” version. In addition, the monochrome screen on the front is missing and the battery is not removable. Nevertheless, the Silver is a strong action cam. It is waterproof to 10 meters without additional housing and can record videos in 4K with up to 30 frames per second (FPS) and photos with 10-megapixel resolution. Control is via the small touch screen or voice commands.

The GoPro Hero 7 Silver is available for 189 Euro plus 6 Euro shipping at Computeruniverse. This is not only the best price for the camera, but also just under 40 euros cheaper than the competition.


GoPro HERO7 silver

✔Impressive 4K videos
✔Robust design
✔With voice control

You have to know that about bargains

Pay attention during shopping on possible shipping costs that come on top. Not all dealers offer basically free shipping.

Often there are the offers at other dealers, especially Amazon constantly scans the market and adjust the prices of its products to those of the competition. It works the other way round too. If you find a cheap price on the internet, confront your local dealer with it and ask for the same discount. Especially with large electronics markets, this strategy is promising. You may also save shipping costs. In addition, it is worthwhile to use even before the purchase once a comparison portal such as Idealo.de * or Geizhals.de and to see if the product is still cheaper elsewhere.

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