Microsoft Office: Hackers from China Threaten Your Computer Security | TechBook

Vulnerability from 2017

The vulnerability in the system dates back to November 2017 and is now targeted by hackers from China. This had already been patched. Obviously, many have not yet installed the patch for the vulnerability with CVE-2017-11882. The target of the attacks are users from Europe and thus also from Germany, who are specifically targeted with email spam.

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That’s what the hackers are doing

The mesh is well-known: offenders send mails with harmful attachment, in this case, a RTF document, as ZDNet reported. If you open this file, the installation of the malware automatically starts in the background. This can secretly load other files on the computer and run. This can lead to a large performance degradation of the infected PC and make your data accessible to third parties.

How to protect yourself

There are two ways to avoid catching the malware. You should definitely take both. For one thing, you should not open attachments from unknown senders and do not be fooled by fake cover letters. Beware, because they often suggest that the email comes from a reputable company. This is considered standard in the field of email traffic and should always be considered. On the other hand, you should regularly install security updates, in this case the appropriate patch for CVE-2017-11882.