WhatsApp prohibits newsletters via the messenger

WhatsApp once again explicitly states in its FAQs that newsletters are not in the company’s interest, as Meedia now reports. The reason given by the service is that it is about the exchange between private persons and not the mass sending of messages. In the past, WhatsApp chain letters were already a thorn in the side and the forwarding function was severely restricted.

On these smartphones WhatsApp is turned off

WhatsApp wants to strengthen its own services

Basically, WhatsApp may well be less concerned with respectable publishers with WhatsApp newsletters than mass mailings of spam. Nevertheless, companies are also explicitly affected. When it comes to WhatsApp, companies should not be active in WhatsApp. They should rather use the specially created app WhatsApp Business or the WhatsApp Business API. In these, they can then manage interactions with customers according to the will of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp threatens legal action

These explicitly meet publishers who only use this for information, such as newsletters from media sites. At least that seals the end of WhatsApp newsletters.

What threatens subscribers to WhatsApp newsletters?

Anyone who has subscribed to a WhatsApp newsletter, fortunately need no legal consequences and does not even violate the FAQs. The abuse always comes only from the shippers. Individuals can only be targeted by mass mailing, such as broadcasting, if they regularly target a very large number of users and clearly exceed a private interest.