This smart blanket always ensures ideal temperatures in bed

Two years ago, the project “Smartduvet” first appeared on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogoauf and received a lot of immediate attention. Meanwhile, with the “Smartduvet Breeze” has already developed a successor model in which the regulation of temperature is no longer just the only feature: the revolutionary bedroom accessories can now spread by magic as if by itself. The time to bed after getting up can therefore be invested in the rest of the morning routine.

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That can be the smart blanket

Part of the equipment is an additional layer, which is placed between the lining and the cover of the blanket. This contains air chambers through which the conditioned air can be directed into certain parts of the ceiling. The targeted air supply then ensures that the ceiling spreads – freshly shaken up, as if by hand.

The blanket uses separate air chambers to supply varying amounts of hot or cold air to each side of the bed.

It can also be set to automatically form at a specific time of the day, with the help of inflatable tubes to bring it into shape for the evening.

All the features of the ultra-light “Smartduvet” can be controlled via its smartphone app, including heat control and the specific time of day the duvet itself recovers.


Electric blanket

✔ Three levels for your individual heating needs
✔With timer function
✔ Available in different colors

More sleeping comfort due to independent temperature control

Some like it nice and warm, others prefer to do without the blanket. Especially in hot summer nights, many never find the right temperature in bed. A smart, air-conditioned duvet is now to solve the problem. The temperature control is possible for two zones, so that also the favorite temperature of the partner can be considered.

The blanket does not replace her previous bedding, it is rather an upgrade. A technical improvement with which the temperature for each side of the bed can be adjusted individually. It is possible to heat one half of the bed while at the same time cooling the other side. For a sufficient air circulation at night small pores in the blanket provide. So it enhances the natural evaporation effect under the ceiling and accordingly the associated cooling. Without any further technical aids such as a noisy compressor.


Active Era luxury airbed

✔For an optimal lying comfort
✔Long life structure
✔With head and neck support

Delivery for the time being only from the United States

So far, the gadget is available in the following sizes:

  • Single / Twin: 59”x79 ” inches – 150 x 200 cm
  • Full / Double Bed: 80 “x80” – 203 x 203 cm
  • Queen Size: 90 “x88” – 228 x 223 cm
  • King Size: 90 “x 102” – 228 x 259 cm
  • California King: 94 “x104” – 238 x 264 cm

The novelty for the bedroom should be delivered from July and can be pre-ordered for the equivalent of just under 250 euros. Due to the lack of sales partners in Germany, a delivery fee of more than 40 euros is due for shipping from the United States.

Apart from the mentioned advantages, the investments for the “Smartduvet Breeze” should pay off many times as it reduces the energy requirement for heating or cooling the whole room, because the user can heat or cool his body directly, said Tina Cayoutte, Managing Director of “Smartduvet”.

Competitive products and alternatives

Also new to the market for a few days is the model of the competition from BedJet. Their most recent product, the “BedJet 3 Climate Comfort System”, while offering roughly the same features as the “Smartduvet Breeze”, costs almost twice as much with a price of just under € 800.

Apart from that, there are similar products that can perform the same or at least a function of the “Smartduvet Breeze”, but none of these combined so meaningful and in a comparable price-performance ratio.