5 technology bargains that are really worthwhile!

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Amazon Prime Day: These days, online retailers and electronics giants are promoting particularly large discounts. If you do not want to wait for those few days of the year, this is the place for you: TECHBOOK goes through the bargain jungle for you and puts together the best offers every week.

This is how you recognize fake shops on the Internet

That makes a good bargain

Large percentages do not always speak for a good offer. Often the starting price is based on the usually very high, non-binding price recommendation (RRP) of the manufacturers, so that the discount looks particularly large. In fact, other traders often offer the device at the same or even cheaper prices. TECHBOOK therefore only includes bargains in the comparison that really offer the lowest price of all traders.

Another criterion is the quality of the product. Real bargains must also be something. That’s why TECHBOOK only presents articles that have convinced a large number of other users in terms of features and usability, or those that the editors have already tested themselves and found to be good.

This technology is currently particularly favorable (as of June 7, 3 pm)

TECH Friday

Huawei MateBook X Pro for1229 euros1179 euros

Huawei MateBook X Pro

The Huawei MateBook X Pro | Photo: Huawei

At first glance, the MateBook X Pro looks like a MacBook Pro from Apple: Simple industrial design, huge touchpad, 3: 2 aspect ratio and a classy aluminum housing. At second glance, however, it is noticeable that the Matebook 13 despite the same screen size is significantly smaller than a MacBook Pro 13, which is partly due to the very thin screen edges. Nevertheless, the MateBook 13 has strong hardware: an Intel i5 quad-core processor of the 8th generation, a fast 256 GB SSD and a battery with up to twelve hours of runtime. Huawei even found room for a dedicated NVIDA graphics card (MX150) in the small case. In addition, the 13-inch screen with 3000 2000 pixels actually has a higher resolution than the MacBook Pro with 15-inch screen. Together with the backlit keyboard and the wide touchpad, the laptop is the perfect companion for working and watching movies.

The MateBook X Pro is available on Notebooksbilliger for 1179 euros. For other providers, the laptop costs at least 50 euros more.


Huawei MateBook X Pro

✔ 13.9 inch FullView touch screen display with 3K screen resolution
✔Lightweight and ultra-thin 14.6 mm metal unibody
✔ Powered up and powered up in 7.8 seconds

Sony PlayStation Classic for35 euros30 euro

Sony Playstation Classic

The Sony PlayStation Classic | Photo: Sony

The hype about the PlayStation Classic was huge before the release of the Retro console. However, there were some weaknesses at the release, and even the TECHBOOK test you find here was critical of the small console. 20 games, such as the legendary Final Fantasy VII, are preinstalled on the mini-console. There are two controllers and all necessary cables.

For almost 30 euros, the Media Markt, Amazon and Saturn now demand for the PlayStation Classic, the package is now a real bargain. For many other providers are added in addition to the five euros shipping.


SONY PlayStation Classic

✔A perfect replica of the original console
✔Ergonomic design
✔With virtual memory card for your adventures

OnePlus 6 128 GB for494 euros405 euros

OnePlus 6 front verso

The OnePlus 6 | Photo: OnePlus

Although the OnePlus 7 is already the second successor on the market, the OnePlus 6 is still a really strong smartphone in 2019, too. The self-proclaimed “flagship killer” is technically identical to the OnePlus 6T and only has to do without minor improvements such as the fingerprint sensor under the screen. With the OnePlus 6, the scanner sits traditionally on the back.

The nearly 6.3-inch AMOLED screen corresponds to the FullHD standard with 1080 x 2280 pixels resolution and is interrupted at the upper end by a recess, or “notch”. The smartphone supports Dual SIM and has a 3300 mAh (mAh) battery. The device has already received the update to Android 9 Pie and runs on OnePlus own Oxygen OS interface, which is very close to the surface of the pixel smartphones from Google.

The 128 GB version with 8 GB of RAM of the OnePlus 6 is available on Amazon for the best price of just under 405 euros. Other providers charge almost 90 euros more for the smartphone.


OnePlus 6 smartphone

✔128 GB internal memory
✔ Available in different colors
✔Stunning resolution with 16 megapixel front camera

Honeywell HO-5500RE fan for70 euros60 euro

Honeywell HO-5500RE

Honeywell HO-5500RE | Photo: Honeywell

Summer is upon us – the best time to get up to 30 degrees with a fan. This tower fan from Honeywell is with almost 30 centimeters very narrow and space-saving. It has three speeds with switchable oscillation, which pivots the fan from left to right at a 110 degree angle. In addition to normal operation, the fan still has a night mode and a “nature mode”. The night mode gradually shifts the speed, while the “nature mode” alternates between the speeds to simulate a natural draft. The fan has a power consumption of 40 watts, a car shutdown is of course also on board. The scope of delivery includes a remote control.

At Cyberport, there is the tower fan for just under 60 euros to pick up or with free shipping. In the competition, the price is about 70 euros.


Honeywell HO-5500RE fan

✔User-friendly buttons with LED display
✔Timer timer for programming the fan
✔3 switching stages for lasting comfort

Realpower PB-5000mini Powerbank for16 euros7 euros

Realpower PB-5000mini

The Realpower PB-5000mini | Photo: Real Power

This compact power bank is the perfect backup. The output is a normal USB-A port, a micro USB port is used for charging. Unfortunately, the capacity with 5,000 mAh (mAh) is a little tight and a USB-C port is looking in vain. The power bank should be enough to charge the smartphone about one to one and a half times.

The power bank is available at Saturn for a cheap seven euros. Elsewhere she is under 16 euros not to have.


REALPOWER PB-5000 Mobile Charger

✔ Compact and powerful
✔LEDs inform about charging status
✔ Offers a capacity of 5,000mAh

You have to know that about bargains

Pay attention during shopping on possible shipping costs that come on top. Not all dealers offer basically free shipping.

Often there are the offers at other dealers, especially Amazon constantly scans the market and adjust the prices of its products to those of the competition. It works the other way round too. If you find a cheap price on the internet, confront your local dealer with it and ask for the same discount. Especially with large electronics markets, this strategy is promising. You may also save shipping costs. In addition, it is worthwhile to use even before the purchase once a comparison portal such as Idealo.de * or Geizhals.de and to see if the product is still cheaper elsewhere.

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