5 tips to free up space on your iPhone

Storage space on the iPhone is a valuable asset. After all, you can not expand it without a card slot later and any memory upgrade when buying the smartphone seems to be outweighed in Apple in gold. Many users are traveling with too few gigabytes – and regularly have to fight with full memory and the deletion of photos and apps, so that the phone does not keep onmaking. In the worst case, you press the shutter of the camera and take a picture to make the iPhone just announces that the memory is full.

To make sure that does not happen to you, TECHBOOK has five tips that allow you to free up memory on the iPhone without getting rid of photos or apps.


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Automatically delete chat passwords

Sending many sms and iMessages in the iPhone’s messaging app, you can quickly accumulate a lot of data: the more photos and videos you send, the fuller the memory becomes. Therefore, one should check how long these files are stored on the iPhone.

Choosing one “settings“,”news“And then tap”Keep messages“, Then reveals the mobile phone, whether the chat histories are deleted either after 30 days, after a year or never. The shorter you set the deadline until the messages are automatically deleted, the less data accumulates over time.


Important photos and videos should be saved in the “Photos” app before deleting old chat histories.

Do not save photos twice

If you take a lot of photos with the iPhone, then it can quickly happen that photos occupy a large part of the internal memory. And underneath can be unnecessarily many duplicates: Because you shoot a lot with the HDR mode of the iPhone camera, then always two recordings are saved: A normal exposed photo and the HDR version with a higher dynamic range. The more you take pictures, the more memory you eat unnecessarily.


In order to eliminate this double saving, it is sufficient, the “settings“Of the iPhone,”Photos & Camera“Touch and there under the point”HDR” the point “Keep the photo” deactivate.

Delete local data from Netflix, Amazon and Co.

Many video streaming services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have a very handy feature: they allow you to download episodes of series or movies and watch them without an Internet connection. So you can insert a series of the favorite series on the road or watch a movie or train, even if the WLAN on board is anything but reliable.


But did you even think about deleting the downloaded videos from the iPhone after the last series marathon? So, if it gets short of memory, it’s worth taking a look at the most commonly used video apps. Maybe there is still one or the other serial sequence in the downloads.


SanDisk Extreme PRO

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Delete browser cache

Anyone who uses the iPhone a lot on the Internet, heaps up a lot of data: Imsogenannten cache texts and images of web pages locally stored on the iPhone, so they do not have to re-load every time from the network. However, this cache can also take up a lot of space over time. Deleting Safari’s cache will give you valuable megabytes.


To delete this data, open thesettingsof the iPhone and scroll to the point “safari“. Here you choose the point “Delete History and Site Data“.

Outsource apps in Preferences

You can find the option in the settings under “General” and “iPhone memory”.


Here you can activate the outsourcing. Then the iPhone or iPad automatically identifies and removes unused apps. If you only want to outsource certain apps, then tap on the program below.

Here you can then choose between “Outsource” and “Delete”: